As much as I hate to say it, we\’re getting closer to the end of this year\’s festival season. With each passing year, we\’ve experienced some of the best music live, and a lot of the songs we\’ve heard define the experiences themselves. And while a lot of these songs can range from \”Turn Down For What\” by DJ Snake to \”Escape Me\” by Tiesto, many still remain timeless. It\’ll play on your Spotify playlist and an entire summer\’s worth of memories rush back, leaving you in a relentless state of nostalgia.

On June 25, 2013, Alesso and Dirty South released one of dance music\’s greatest and most memorable tracks. \”City of Dreams,\” featuring Ruben Haze, has continued to be a crowd favorite. From the beginning instrumental key, that right there, the song has never failed to capture the audience. And whether you\’re tired of the song or not, you can\’t help but sing and dance along with everyone else. The entire thing sounds like a memory, consistently having the power to make you reminiscent.

So before we say goodbye to this year\’s festival season and prepare to dive head first into the next one, let\’s take a look back at one of last year\’s summer anthems.

Relive \”City of Dreams\” below:

And if you really want to cry, listen to this: