As a girl of the 90\’s of course I loved the Spice Girls, I believe I still own Spice World on VHS. So naturally I gave Caked Up\’s track a listen. It\’s your traditional Caked Up style, not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but it\’s tried and true. With that being said the song is alot of fun, how can you remix Spice Girls and have it be anything less than fun. I wish more people would take a step back and remix older, and fantastic, songs rather than producing a plethora of the same songs. So I am extremely ecstatic to see something new pop up in my soundcloud feed. On a super ADD note, if this song was a person I\’d imagine it as a mix of Scary\’s personality and in-your-faceness with Ginger\’s Shoes and Baby\’s hair with Posh\’s wardrobe  and Sporty\’s liveliness. Just bask in that for a moment and enjoy that image while you\’re listening to the song.

Check out this remix and get ready to dust off your old CD\’s and dance around with your girls.