With Riverwest Music Festival 2014 only three days away, Chicago is ready to immerse itself in a three-day weekend full of great music and sweaty dancing. Bringing big names like Morgan Page, Adrian Lux, and Rusko, Riverwest\’s debut year in Chicago is going to be one to remember. But with so many talented artists playing, things can get hectic. We understand how frustrating it can be to pick and choose which artists to see, so here\’s a complied list of five acts that you do not want to miss- arranged by the day they\’ll be playing. Let\’s begin.

 July 4th

Ten Walls: Mysterious genius. It seems that\’s all we can say about Marijus Adomaitis and his music. With unique musical elements that make you feel like you\’re walking amongst the pyramids or traveling through outer space, there is no denying that Ten Walls brings creativity to music itself. And very rarely do we come across artists who, for any length of time, decide to remain hidden in the shadows and let the music speak for itself. Hearing his track \”Walking With Elephants\” for the first time at Spring Awakening this summer, I think it\’s safe to say that we\’ll be hearing more of Ten Walls in the time to come.

July 5th

Deep Dish: Easily one of the most anticipated acts to see at Riverwest, Deep Dish has gone nowhere since the early 1990\’s. Rooted in the sounds of house and techno, their music has gone on to remain timeless. If you listen to anything between their album Junk Science and their newest release \”Quincy,\” you can still revel in the amazing production that can only be Deep Dish. The duo are making a comeback, and there is one thing that\’s certain: they\’re taking us back to the basics. Premiered on BBC 1 Radio earlier this year, \”Quincy\” is only the beginning, and their performance at Riverwest is where Chicago will get to experience it. Heidi: If we\’re talking about phenomenal mixing, we\’re talking about Canada-born, but London-based Heidi. With her passion for dance music evident in her sets, it\’s no wonder this DJ is on the lineup this year. Previously part of BBC Radio\’s \”In New DJs We Trust,\” her own show gave her the ability to bring to light the house and techno aspects of dance music that still get us dancing time and time again. One of her latest mixes does just that. Posted a few months ago, this considerably shorter mix is sure to hold you up until her performance in Chicago this weekend.

July 6th

Excision: Don\’t worry dubstep fans. We haven\’t forgotten about you. And honestly, there\’s no forgetting about dubstep at all when you have Excision in game. Heavy bass and filthy beats is one of the many ways to describe his style, and we don\’t want it any other way. Incorporating heavy metal and hip-hop elements to his sound in a heart-dropping way, Excision has definitely made a name for himself and there\’s no missing out on some sick beats this weekend. Here\’s some further proof if you don\’t believe me. Morgan Page: Well, are you really that surprised? Of course he\’s on the list. Anything from the captivating musical progressions to the alluring vocals incorporated in his tracks, Morgan Page has continued to show promise in dance music.  And for me, it\’s the vocals. There\’s something about the vocals he brings into his music that makes any of his songs hard to forget. Take for example \”Fight For You,\” \”In the Air,\” and his latest release \”Against the World.\” And with a new album on the horizon, we can be sure to hear more of his fantastic production at Riverwest this weekend. He recently provided a guest mix for the Riverwest Fest episode of EDM Chicago\’s \”In Focus Radio,\” which you can check out below.

Well, there you have it. While there are many more talented artists playing at the fest this weekend, these are just a few worth mentioning. If you\’re attending, we wish you a safe and fun-filled weekend. If you\’re not attending, you still can. 3-day passes and single day passes are available here. To check out the full lineup, you can go here to view the alphabetical list with the day each artist is playing under their names.