The wizards of Toronto and the headmasters at Deadbeats – Zeds Dead – have released their very first Deadbeats Compilation album, and it shines with sheer magnificence.

Volume 1 is pristinely crafted by the evolving sounds of rising talents and genre-bending industry favorites, with some of the best works from Kid Froopy, Rezz, SMLE, Blount, and the label leads themselves. Just glancing at the featured artists, you\’re probably imagining how the nearly polar opposite styles of these producers interact and blend with one another, so let me tell you this.

From top to bottom and front to back, the 9-tracked discography beams in creative individuality but radiates with musical harmony that will purposefully fill your monotonous day with vibrant color.

There is something for everyone in this compendium. Each and every song plays an impeccable role in its order and placement, which is unsurprising to be honest if you consider which masterminds assembled this eclectic ensemble (*Z\’s Up*).

That being said, this incredibly flowing sequence will dip your senses in a rich spectrum of vibes and wubs, and only after taking you through its musical terrain of highs and lows will close its grand opening curtain with the rousing realization – This is just the beginning for Deadbeats. (!!!)

We knew this was going to be awesome, but we\’re delighted to add that Zeds Dead have really outdone themselves with this project.

From the inauguration of their label last March to touring the globe with their debut album Northern Lights; consecutively headlining the almighty Red Rocks Amphitheater and now lighting up the world with their magnificent Deadbeats compilation; not to mention their explosive new single \’Woman Wine\’, an intoxicating banger that showcases everything heavy and filthy about the Canadian bass frontiers; you get the point – Zeds Dead is unstoppable.

Fan or not, this Deadbeats compilation will remind you why you love the diverse range of electronic music so much, and will inevitably have you excited for what these ingenious curators have in store for the rest of 2017.

We\’ll try not to say we told you so when you find yourself left in awe 😉

Buckle up and dive right in to the world of Deadbeats.