If you don\’t know Yheti, you do now. This sound sculptor from Dayton Ohio has been exploring the outer realms of auditory antics since 2008 and has settled into a unique, thought provoking, bass heavy sound.  Yheti\’s style is fully captured in his new Trifinity Mix, which is composed of 13 original, unreleased tracks. The 33 minute mix allows the listener to fully dissolve within Yheti\’s oddly beautiful sounds and features collaborations between Conrank, The Widdler, Toadface and more. The Trifinity mix is a teaser for the tour that Yheti will embark on with Toadface and Mt. Analogue starting May 6th. The 12 date tour mostly travels around the West Coast but concludes at Infrasound Festival in Wisconsin. Enjoy Yheti\’s Trifinity Mix

Photo: Oddstar