X5IGHT, the Chicago-based duo, is at it again; this time, bringing their new single \”Warp.\”

With an aim to bring something new to EDM, this unique sound of Dark House is where we can find Brandon and Jerry producing their new music. This take on Dark House is how they want to go beyond \”big room\” while still keeping true to their original style and the music\’s energetic elements.

\”Warp\” was created with cinematic percussion and grungy sound design, leading to continuous and tense buildups, according to their manager.\”The aggressive melody slowly grows and develops as the song progresses, and finally, the track’s energy is fully released at the \’last\’ drop.\” The duo believes that this single showcases their music\’s maxim: \”innovation, not imitation.\” It is definitely an intense track, and one I had playing on a loop for quite a while.

Listen to the awesome track below:

Visit this link for your free download of \”Warp\” and keep up with them on Twitter.