If you know a girl you probably have heard her exclaim during some outing, prompted by the intro of some song that everyone has heard way too many times that \”this is my jam!\” New music sharing site thisismyjam.com is trying to break onto the scene via this idea. Soundcloud has been dominating the music sharing site domain since its founding in 2007, but TIMJ seeks to solve the common Soundcloud problem of music overload. With the freedom to repost and like songs with no maximum, Soundcloud streams can be overwhelming. This is My Jam is based on the premise that usually people have one song they cannot take off repeat. This site only allows the user to post one song to their profile for up to seven days, though you can change it as often as you want. Users are encouraged to follow people whose music they truly like to keep their playlists fresh and true to what you love. Simply \”following back\” would possibly add songs you may not necessarily like. When you create a profile, the site makes a playlist for you out of the current jams your followers have posted. There is also an explore button to see what is trending on that day across the whole site\’s platform in order to stay on top of your music discovery game.

It will be interesting to see if this site takes off or not. Create a profile and see for yourself.
Source: This Is My Jam