Eurovision is a song contest that not many people outside the old continent were aware of for a long time. The reason was quite simple, only European counties have participated in these contests. Only in the last couple of years, countries like Australia have been included in the mix.

The only other non-Europe country that has participated in this contest was Morocco, back in 1980. Those who follow this contest every year know just how many highly-popular songs were made for this competition, but they have managed to become much more popular, not only just in Europe.

If you want to take a look at the list of the most popular songs that appeared in one of these contests, be sure to visit Betway. Now, we want to discuss why the Eurovision song contest is so popular in so many countries. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of reasons.


Excellent Songs

The first reason we want to point out is that this is a place where you can come across some great music. We are not talking just about those who will be the most popular ones, but also those who might come under the radar of a vast majority of people. Some of them have become popular decades later.

Each year, you can find numerous artists, whose songs are in numerous genres. For instance, the genre’s range can spawn from ballads to heavy metal rock. It is a diversity that attracts millions of people to watch all three nights of the contest. We are talking about two semi-finals and a grand finale.

Since there are dozens of artists who participate every year, there’s no chance that you cannot find something that complements your music preferences. Even if you haven’t followed it before, you can find practically all of these competitions online and listen to some of the best songs from each year.


Great Production

Listening to the tunes that appear on Eurovision is only one element of the whole experience. Another one is taking a look at the stage. Many are surprised by so many great production stages in every song. Rare are situations when you can see so many artists perform at their best in one place.

Not only that it is of the highest possible quality, but it also is not uncommon to witness something unique. That happens every year, you can be certain of that. You can find it all, from energized choreographies to singers flying over the stage. It is almost always followed by some pyrotechnics.

According to many fans of Eurovision, those appearances who represent a great combination of a couple of different styles make the most impact on people. For this combination to be as effective as it needs to be, the producers need to do their best. You cannot count only on singers, don’t you agree?


Culture Sharing

Every country is different, and it comes with its share of unique cultural aspects. So, when more than 30 of them come in one place, like in the case of Eurovision, observers can see something they haven’t seen before. You can learn a lot about some countries from this competition, you can be sure of that.

There are cases when a certain artist focuses on including some of his country’s folk music in the melody. So, you may hear an instrument you haven’t heard before. While that may sound unlikely in this day and age, you would be surprised to see just how often that happens to so many people.

On the other hand, you don’t know the mentality of the country you haven’t been to, right? Here, you can understand a significant chunk of a tune you’re listening to. Not to mention that taking a look at the people’s culture is always interesting. Culture sharing is one of Eurovision’s main tasks.


The Voting System

One of the main reasons why this contest is so beloved is that people have an actual say in who will win. The voting system is a rather interesting one. Votes are given both by the viewers in each European country and the expected commission that comes from these countries.

So, you have two different, but parallel, systems. What makes this system interesting is that it gives some uncertainty to the whole thing. Each country gives its votes, from one to twelve. Naturally, no one can vote for themselves. Favorites are usually established after a couple of countries, but that doesn’t mean that some last-minute surprises are not possible.

Some would argue that there’s a voting pattern some countries follow, but we beg to differ. The quality of the songs is what determines the winner, we are certain of that. The country that wins the competition is the host that organizes the Eurovision song contest next year.


Expecting the Unexpected

Last but not least, we want to address something that can be mainly said to those who come outside Europe. We’re sure that you haven’t seen something like Eurovision in your life. Sure, there are many song contests out there, like American Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor. But we cannot compare it to Eurovision.

You’re about to witness more than thirty songs in one night, and all of them are grabbing your attention. For those who haven’t watched one of these before, it can be quite complex to focus on all of them. Sometimes, you can see something you haven’t seen before.

We are talking about one of the main reasons why Eurovision is popular in some countries. Even people who follow it for decades can still be surprised by the tunes that appear in this contest. So, expecting the unexpected no matter how many times you have watched, is something you can count on.

The Bottom Line

Those who are loyal fans of Eurovision know just how entertaining it can be. Here, you can find some reasons why this competition is so popular in many countries. We’re sure that seeing these provides a better understanding to those who haven’t seen them before. Make sure you follow it from now on.