Baby’s breath is stems dotted with small flowers that look like a fluffy cloud in a bouquet. Until recently, it was considered only as a filler for bouquets, but now, it has become incredibly popular as an independent flower. FiftyFlowers online shop offers ideas on how to use wholesale baby’s breath.

What should you know about a baby’s breath?

Baby’s breath (or scientifically Gypsophila) is a 20–30 inches tall stem, densely covered with inflorescences of small flowers. Such a fancy name appeared probably because of how quietly and delicately they rustle under the breath of the wind.

In nature, it is usually white, pink, or red, but these flowers respond well to dyeing. In flower shops, you will find baby’s breath in the most incredible colors: blue, orange, green, and yellow. The florist will be able to choose flowers for the event in any color palette.

Gypsophila looks great both fresh and dried. Fresh baby’s breath is a long-lasting flower, and for it to live up to 14 days, follow these rules:

  • Make sure that there are not too many flowers in the vase; otherwise, they will be crumpled.
  • Trim stems by half an inch daily.
  • Change the water to clean and cool every 24 hours.
  • Add a floral preservative to the water.
  • Store flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Dried gypsophila will live for months. To dry the flowers, simply leave them in a vase without water or place them under a press (for example, under heavy books) while they are still fresh. It is important that the room is dry and well-ventilated.

What flowers does baby’s breath go with?


Gypsophila is traditionally used as a filler for bouquets. The stems are placed around the main flowers and in the free space between them. With baby’s breath, the bouquet looks more lush, elegant, and airy. Since it is relatively inexpensive, it allows you to slightly reduce the price of a luxurious bouquet, and it will still be exquisite.

Traditionally, baby’s breath is combined with roses, tulips, calla lilies, Asiatic lilies, stephanotis, as well as daisies or other wildflowers. If gypsophila is the center of the composition, it can be encircled with fern or eucalyptus. The combination of white or silver baby’s breath with greenery will look especially good.

Is baby’s breath suitable for a wedding?

In recent years, the baby’s breath has been very popular for wedding ceremonies, especially in boho, retro, or rustic styles. These flowers are associated with eternal love, innocence, openness, and sincerity. Most often, they are used for a bride’s bouquet or room decoration.

Gypsophila in wedding bouquets can be a part of the composition or its basis. Yes, you really can tie a few stems of gypsophila with a ribbon and get a voluminous, luxurious bouquet. For a medium-sized bouquet, you will need 8–12 stems. And you can make a dozen of boutonnieres for the groom and guests from a couple of sprigs.

With the help of the baby’s breath, you can decorate the hall for the ceremony. Arches, aisles, centerpieces, garlands, and hanging floral are made from these flowers. Small stems can be placed in bulb-shaped mini vases and hung under the ceiling.

In centerpieces, the baby’s breath can be used to create exquisite compositions. For example, completely immerse several sprigs in a tall vase (if necessary, fix them at the bottom with decorative stones), fill it with water, and place a tea candle on top. Or put a tall candle in a clear vase of the same height and decorate the vase with the baby’s breath.

Gypsophila has no smell, so even a large cluster of flowers will not create an unpleasant aura of different aromas. If you need lots of flowers for your wedding decor, buy wholesale baby’s breath in FiftyFlowers.

How to use a baby’s breath at various events?


It seems that gypsophila will soon become one of the main wedding flowers, but its functionality is not limited to this. The baby’s breath is great for:

  • Decoration of postcards or invitations. Dried flowers are attached to paper with decorative tape or a seal.
  • Room decoration for various events. Since gypsophila comes in different colors, it can be used to decorate a room for a baby shower, birthday, children’s party, etc.
  • Wreaths for the bride and bridesmaids at the bachelorette party. It is the trend of recent years.
  • Decorating cakes. Some confectioners do not add inedible decoration to the cakes, but why not make the dessert even more beautiful? You can put baby’s breath sprigs directly on the cake or put them around it on the table, like a wreath. Anyway, the confectioner treats the flowers with special antiseptics, so your food will be fine.
  • Package design. If you sell any goods at retail, wrap them in gift paper and attach a sprig of gypsophila on top. Now, your package will look like a gift. You can also put the baby’s breath in the box with photos, in the envelope with gift cards, etc.

Gypsophila is also suitable for ordinary home decoration. If you are used to having freshly cut flowers at home, experiment with the baby’s breath. It is relatively inexpensive, unpretentious in care, and remains good-looking for a long time. It looks great in tall clear vases, and you only need a few sprigs to create a lush arrangement.

Buy bulk fresh baby’s breath at favorable prices


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