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The decision of what type of flowers to use for a wedding is a crucial one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A good choice of flowers will have many practical uses throughout the years and can even make a beautiful statement that’s unique to your wedding day.

When considering your wedding bouquet, a good place to start is with the theme you’re trying to achieve, as many brides choose different bouquets with different styles in mind.
Choosing your wedding bouquet can be fun, especially if you keep in mind all the options you have and make sure to look for options that’ll fit your budget. You can visit The Bouqs to learn more about your wedding flower options.

To help you out, here are some trending wedding bouquet trends you may consider for your wedding:

1. Mix and Match Flower Combinations

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Using one type of flower for a wedding bouquet can be minimalist and traditional, but you can also showcase your personality by using different complementary flowers. Using different flowers for wedding bouquets is a beautiful idea. Whether you’re getting married in the spring or the fall, a bouquet with different flowers allows you to bring out your favorite colors.

Roses are the most popular combination for weddings as it comes in many different colors, and you’ll be able to find a rose for just about any season. If you’re going to include more than one type of rose, you’ll need to consider each rose’s shape and color so it won’t look random.

If you want other flower combinations other than different types of roses, you may have a white Carnation and pair it with white tulips bouquet for spring or outdoor summer weddings.

Another popular combination of bouquets is an arrangement of gerberas. These flowers come in various colors and they also bloom in late summer, early fall, and winter. You’ll find that they’re very easy to grow in containers and they’ll also look wonderful when arranged in a bouquet. You’ll also find that they’re perfect for different flower colors. You can even pair it with traditional roses.

2. Boho Chic Design

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If you want to have a stunning and stylish wedding, you must make sure that your choice of boho-chic design wedding bouquet has a natural appearance. In this type of design, you’ll find the most exotic flowers and unique patterns.

You can use different wildflowers like the Japanese cherry blossom, wildflower, wisteria, wildflowers, and many others. You can add other arrangements with the flowers such as the pearl bridal bouquet, pearl bridal necklace, and pearls along with the bouquet as well.
Wildflower bouquets are very beautiful and have stunning colors and shapes. Wildflowers also produce a fresh scent.

3. Paper Wedding Flowers

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Paper wedding bouquets can be a great alternative to more traditional flowers. Since there’s less chance of any weather damage, these are the type of wedding bouquets that many brides will have a hard time finding. Still, they’re a great choice for bridal shower gifts because they can be customized just the way you want.

The beauty of paper wedding bouquets is that they’re the same look as traditional flower bouquets, but they can also be created in various colors and styles. The fact that it won’t contain harmful insects, such as moths or butterflies, and they’re less expensive than real flowers make them more popular.

4. Use Filler Flowers As The Main Flowers In The Design

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Filler flowers, as the name suggests, are flowers that are used to fill the gaps in a bouquet. These are very versatile, allowing you to add different textures and tones to any type of flower arrangement. Because they’re not full blooms, they have a more subtle beauty. Instead of adding more of the main flowers to your arrangement, filler flowers can be used as accents to an arrangement. You can also use them as a replacement for the actual flower, giving it an extra-added element of beauty and style.

Filler flowers can add a wonderful touch of elegance and color to any wedding bouquet. If you want to have the minimalist style of bouquet, which is very popular today, you can use the filler flowers as the main flower in your bouquet.

Here are some of the most beautiful filler flowers you can use:

  • Tulips: Tulips have been used in weddings for years as a part of the ceremony. Tulips can be used in a traditional rose bouquet or used to decorate the centerpieces for your wedding. Tulips look beautiful placed against a white backdrop or they can be used to accent a wedding dress.
  • Orchids: Orchids are considered one of the most elegant flowers. The colors that an orchid has been truly one of a kind. White, pink, and purple are common colors for orchids.
  • Daisies: Daisies come in a variety of colors, but the most popular color is white. These flowers come in different sizes and blooms. So, if you don’t like a certain flower, you may want to consider using daisies in a wedding bouquet.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The flower can flicker and illuminate with its color. Chrysanthemums are known to be the perfect flower for a wedding day.
  • Delphinium: These grow in the shade and has an oval shape that’s slightly pointed at the tip. Its name comes from the Greek word ‘Delphos,’ which means ‘sweet.’ Delphiniums come in many varieties, including white, light purple, blue, and orange hues.

Final Thoughts

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Before you go shopping for your wedding bouquet, take a look at magazines and online sites. You may find a bouquet design that you like and that has the right plant for you. You may even be able to see photos of bouquets that have already been created and delivered.

It’s also a good idea to talk to a florist about the best plant to use for a wedding bouquet. Also, many florists will have bouquets available that have been created for weddings. Make sure to check out all the choices available and try to see what’ll look good on your wedding day.