It was an email with an image of a bitten apple, accompanied by the subject line  \”I’m Born With This Mighty Sin.\” We guessed perhaps another original track, but as it turns out, it\’s a music video to ZHU\’s \”Paradise Awaits\” off his \”THE NIGHTDAY\” EP. And it seems to be one of the ways we\’re getting closer to finding out who this artist really is.

For those of you on the east coast: The faceless, and maybe not so anonymous, ZHU is slowly coming out from the shadows and will be bringing \”THE NIGHTDAY\” experience to New York on November 21st & 22nd after its US debut at HARD\’s Day of the Dead at few weeks prior to that. Tickets are said to only be available for purchase in person at the Opening Ceremony in SoHo. You\’ll even get a vinyl edition of his highly acclaimed EP.

And for the rest of you, here\’s the music video we\’ve been talking about:

ZHU – Paradise Awaits from ZHU on Vimeo.