Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has been working toward redefining how we use social media, and they\’re winning.

In their latest update, they presented a feature called \”Discover,\” which is a way that users can experience editorial news without checking their Facebook or Twitter feeds. Participating news sources range anywhere from National Geographic to CNN to the Food Network. Each outlet let\’s the Snapchat user in on an interactive and informational experience, whether that is catching up with news on ESPN, reading liquid eyeliner hacks on Cosmopolitan, or skimming major headlining stories via Yahoo! News.

 Here, try it yourself:

  1. Update or download Snapchat if you already haven\’t.
  2. Once you\’ve opened the app, swipe to the left where you usually access your stories.
  3. Tap the purple circle in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. \”Discover.\”


Among these media outlets is Warner Music Group.

Remember when Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel\’s plan to promote music over the app was revealed in the Sony hack? Well this is probably it.

Premiered yesterday on the \”Discover\” feature, Warner Music Group has been uploading music videos that users can stream right through Snapchat. You can access this through the \”Discover\” screen. Tap on the bottom right circle & you\’ll see Ed Sheeran\’s video to \”Thinking Out Loud.\” Swipe down to view the the full music video. Swipe left to skip it. Come back to it tomorrow if you don\’t like any of them; every video, and all \”Discover\” content for that matter, is switched every 24 hours.

Today, these music videos include \”Take Me Home\” by Cash Cash and \”Take U There\” by Jack Ü. But this take isn\’t new. Alesso, among others, has been one of the leading figureheads of premiering or showing full music videos through Snapchat stories.  While their aim to promote artists on a widely adapted platform is not a bad idea, especially for dance music artists who are continuing to make their presence known, the actual WMG component on Snapchat seems to be a pretty bland and a little less attractive than the other publications.

It\’s music videos and that\’s it. There\’s got to be a better way to experience music over Snapchat.

Nonetheless, the \”Discover\” feature is attractive in its design and will undoubtedly continue to be the buzz for now, but as far as the WMG feature, well…that might need some work.

What do you think about the \”Discover\” feature and WMG component in Snapchat?

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