Movement, Detroit\’s techno music festival, has just announced the first phase of it\’s artist line up, and it does not disappoint. The Festival, which has been held on Memorial Weekend since 2010 (Previously called \”Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF)\” and \”Fuse-In\”), invites techno fans to the genre\’s home city.

Normally, I would try to highlight which acts I suggest catching or which performances should really stand out, but in the case of this initial line up, it isn\’t even necessary. Nearly every performer on this list is worthy of your attention.


For the techno heads, there should be no further convincing that you should attend necessary. For those who are innexperienced with some of these artists, I encourage you to explore them and purchase a ticket. This will make for an incredible weekend and the artists on this list will surely expand your appreciation of electronic music.