Kids love to get their room decorated as it gives an expression of their interest and it showcases their preferences and their personalities. Kids’ room should be a place where they feel comfortable and safe, but productive and motivated as well. But decorating can be difficult and time-consuming. If you have been thinking of ways you can decorate your teens room, you are not alone.

Children’s room is also a challenge since it is hard to decorate it the way kids want, without having to change certain elements every now and then. One of the most common things about rooms for kids, is the fact that kids like certain colors today, and may not like it tomorrow. It is the same with their favorite cartoons, superheroes and music – as they grow, their taste changes. When it comes to furniture, appliances, tech devices and accessories, there are so many options and choices on the market, that picking the perfect ones can easily turn into an overwhelming experience.


As a result, you may end up exhausted without even knowing what to do and where to start. One of the biggest tasks when it comes to decorating any room, and especially the children’s room are the walls and the furniture. Picking the right color for the walls is not an easy thing to do. You may not want to go through all the stress of painting the walls before adding some decor items, and having to invest some extra time and money in the process. Thankfully, there are other great ways to decorate your kids’ room without all the hassles, especially the walls, that should be inviting, beautiful and fun. One of the perfect ways to make a nice environment for your kids is by using wall stickers.

According to research, teenagers crave four things; belonging, power, enjoyment and independence. All of these can be achieved through Wall decals in the rooms of your kids. Check out Icon Wall Stickers, Wall Boss,

Wall decals are a great way of adding some fun to your kid’s room without spending so much money and energy. It is a great way to transform your kid’s room into something magical. And the best thing about it is the fact that you can change them with ease, every once in a while, which is perfect for all the teenage fazes that your kids will most certainly go through.

In this article, we will be sharing how you can use wall stickers to decorate your teens’ room.

Know the Size of Your Kids Room


The first step in learning how to design your kids room is to know the room size. Wall stickers come in various shapes and sizes and you don’t want to buy a wall sticker that is too big or extremely small for what you want to do.

So it is advised that you get a good measurement of the space before buying the wall stickers. Although you might think that this is not that necessary, getting the right proportions of each wall and the space in general will help you make a good plan, and determine what goes where, since people often love to mix and match stickers. To avoid having your walls too empty or too cluttered, measure everything beforehand.

Know What Your Kids Love

Your child will not be happy when you design a room that they do not love. Whether you are designing a boy or a girls room, you need to use wall stickers and other items they love. This will also make your kids know that you have them in mind, which will create more bond and love between you and your kid.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to involve them as you select the designs. Let them be involved while you are brainstorming with ideas. This is also a perfect time to learn their likes, dislikes, and their interests. After you’ve found out what they would prefer having in their room, this is not the end of your journey.


Even if you know that your kid’s favorite cartoon character is Winnie The Pooh, this doesn’t mean that you know their favorite episode, the setting in which they wanna have Winnie, or if they want to have Winnie with all of his friends on the wall – browse web together and pick stickers together. You can even use one of the simple platforms for designing such as Canva, and have some fun while creating the perfect interior decor.

Wall Sticker Ideas

If your child is one of those who love wizardry wonders, you can design their personal space with comics that includes wizard wands for some abracadabra, sparkly stars or something with fantasy life dragons, knights, and other make-believe works.

If your kid has a knack for swimming, then a blue wave sticker and a boat where they can float in their dreams. You can also add some starfish and other sea creatures to give it a vibrant-hued sea life. Don’t forget to put some colorful corals here and there.

You can also add some pirate ships and some jellyfish here and there, plus a world map for some cool effect.

A teenager who is a lover of sport will always want a wall sticker with a soccer pitch and everything between. You can also get stickers designed with baseball bats, pitch and an ice rink to bring home the feeling of a hockey game.


Regardless of the type of game your child loves, there is always a perfect wall sticker to complete  the project and make it a memorable one.

If you have a teenager with a love for adventure, you can get stickers of Harry Potter, Dinosaur, etc. You can get multiple stickers of various adventure themes and place them on strategic places in the room. Your kids will love it.

For a game lovers buy stickers of their favorite games. You can get a red car for car race lovers with yellow stripes for the race marks. You can also place some of his/her medals around.

More so, you can carve out some designs on the sticker and randomly place them around the room. It could be in places like the cabinet, door, etc.

A unicorn wall sticker is another great idea for decorating a teenage girl’s room. Girls love pinks, so you can get something of that sort with a mix of some water colors, pastel hues, and some beautiful animals.



Using a wall sticker to decorate your teenager’s room is a great move to speak about the things that you are interested in. Wall stickers can create a great impression and help create powerful imaginations to keep your kids excited. You can even put certain things that you want your kids to learn, such as a world map or math formulas, words in foreign languages etc. Kids absorb everything that surrounds them, and this is why adding removable stickers to their room can help them learn certain info without even putting in any effort. When the environment is aesthetically pleasing, and when it seems like fun, then there is nothing that can stop your kids from conquering the world!

Wall stickers have tons of benefits as it helps to offer great flexibility with your designs. It is easy to remove. All you need to do is apply some heat on the sticker with a hairdryer, and gently tug on the side of the sticker, then gently pull until the entire sticker is out of the wall. Convenient, beautiful and useful. A good combination, isn’t it?