Last week, 17 original tracks were released by the most forward-thinking electronic musicians as a part of Wakaan\’s \’Meanwhile…\’ compilation, the result is a combination of songs that proves to expand the concept of music. Liquid Stranger\’s record label, Wakaan, has a slogan on Soundcloud that reads \’Freeform electronic music\’ and this short description encapsulates the anti-traditional style of this group of creators.

The compilation includes original tracks from Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Freddy Todd, Yheti, Sayer, Bleep Bloop, Shlump, Proko, Toadface,  Esseks and more. These names represent the artists that are making authentic attempts to make electronic music that transcends time. Most of the music being thrown around the industry nowadays is suffocated by ghost production and corporate involvement but these musical pioneers are the antithesis of these commonalities.  If you find yourself bored by the repetitive, disgusted by the saturation, then this is the playlist for you. Welcome to Wakaan\’s \’Meanwhile…\’