Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Viva La Bass, a weekly playlist dedicated to showcasing innovative, avant-garde, and timeless bass music. This week on Viva La Bass we are exploring the ways that music can alter or change a part of yourself. For example, if someone always had a fear of participating on the dance floor, the right track at the right moment could totally change that person\’s perspective on busting a move in public. This is just one random example but nonetheless music is a powerful force capable of helping one learn about themselves. Now lets get down to business.

5.  Twofold – Summer

Twofold is an eclectic future/dubstep duo that are based out of West Sussex (UK) and California. Even though they have an ocean between them, these artists never stop creating cutting-edge music.

4.  Indigo Beck – Questioning Boundaries

Indigo Beck is a producer from Portland and his exploration within the depths of Ableton have allowed him to annihilate former musical boundaries.  Experience Indigo Beck\’s take on Trip Trap.


3. Pega5u5 – Temprorary Love ft. Cellojoe

Pega5u5 is a side project for Mr. Rogers and Pharroh. They recently concocted this abstract wonder with the help of a certain Cello Joe.

2. Huts – Tokyo

Huts is a producer from Los Angeles that will make you contemplate the intricacies of this existence while leaving your physical body in an endless swaying motion.


1. Mindex – 1001 Nights

Feed your third eye and ear with the new ReFocused album from Mindex, released through Merkaba Music. Viva La Bass.