Last year it was Zoogma at Camp Bisco, but now another artist has been attacked by a fan that took way too many drugs. During EPROM\’s Shambhala set, a fan on \”some strong drugs\” rushed the stage, tackled the artist and began biting him. Luckily, Zeke Beats was close enough to assist the apprehension of this crazed fan. EPROM didn\’t experience any serious inuries but there are many lessons to be learned here.

This fan needs to realize how many people and communities he disrespected during this fiasco. First off, the fan was disrespectful to EPROM for interrupting a very special set that was probably specifically choreographed to the Shambhala community, which probably included many tracks form his new Samurai EP. Second of all, the fan disrespected the Shambhala community by injecting his bad vibes into a place where happiness usually thrives. Finally, this fan has disrespected himself by taking so many drugs that he had to ruin an awesome show. Not cool, check out EPROM\’s instagram post that explains it all.