The self-processed dreamy \’wubwub\’ artist, Virtual Riot, surprised most of us earlier today with the release of a new EP entitled 100% No Bangers. The new three track EP is available for free download just in time for the end of the year. For those unaware, Virtual Riot released his last EP in August entitled We\’re Not Alone.  Considering the great quality and detail of this EP, the five month gap of production may come as a surprise.

The EP starts with Fuck Gravity, quickly followed up by Turn Up. These tracks are very good, yes. But it must be said that the real winner on this EP is Minimalist. The track sounds outstanding, it almost feels that it is easily familiar to the likes of KOAN Sound and Asa\’s Sanctuary EP, or perhaps Minnesota\’s Voyager album. Nevertheless, contrasting the likeness of the artist style, the track clearly feels standalone and unique.

Overall, 100% No Bangers contains a gripping collection of well composed sound designs at a great price: free. But, what\’s even more worthy of the attention besides the sound design is the distinct sound of this body of music. Virtual Riot\’s new EP is clearly experimental, but a not that distant relative, of his classic glitch hop sound. Perhaps one could even call the overall theme of this EP experimental. However, the EP touches on chill, the obvious bassy sound of glitch hop, and plenty more minor concepts.  The evidence that Virtual Riot\’s style is developing is clear and is furthered by the release of this EP. The music develops a meaningful basis and creates a appreciable experience for listening and enjoying. So, I\’m sure most will hope that taken Virtual Riot\’s fast and effective means of good quality music in good time, that he will get to producing and sharing more of his musical genius in the year to come.