Unless you were a big house music buff around 2010, chances are you probably haven\’t heard this track – which is why Ruben and Victor, more commonly known as Vicetone, decided to remix a House classic, and turn it into a much more modern progressive track suitable for today\’s audience. The duo teamed up with producer Tony Igy to remix \”Astronomia\”, a song that has accumulated over¬†13 million views on YouTube, and is a tune that people have loved for years. The three of them took a modern approach to this one and made it simpler, stripping some of the original elements of \”Astronomia\” in order to create a more functional \”Astronomia 2014\”. The track itself still carries the same melody that fans of the original have known to love, but Vicetone added an \”umph\” to it that just makes it sound that much better. To top it off, they released it as a free download, and is a definite song you should have in your library. For reference, we\’ll link the original song here – and you can stream \”Astronomia 2014\” down below as well as click the download link via SoundCloud. Enjoy!

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Free Download: Vicetone & Tony Igy – Astronomia 2014