If you\’ve ever browsed around HypeMachine and SoundCloud, you may have noticed Vanic. The Vancouver-based music producer sounded off a mega-hit collaboration with machineheart earlier last year in July entitled Circles. However, after two months from being posted, it vanished off his SoundCloud page. Believed to be gone, an outcry for the return of the song began. A personal promise from Vanic himself claimed the track would return.

Today, that promise was fulfilled as Circles returned after being gone for nearly three months.

Though it’s been a while since it was released, it feels fair to reflect back and recognize it as something more than a track. It has embodied the start of a new livelihood for it’s creator. It has brought the formerly obscure artist to the limelight of the electronic music community. Evidenced by it’s great social outreach amassing over 100,000 likes for his Facebook Page, 50,000 followers on SoundCloud, as well as the ability for Vanic to quit his job to pursue music full-time. With great promise still remaining for this year including Vanic’s first EP, new and original music on the horizon, as well as a North American tour, it has become clear Circles now represents a literal meaning of success and beauty that has propelled Vanic to internet stardom. It now represents it’s intended message: that despite facing a problematic situation in life, people and things will be there to remind you of your original intentions and goals.

Though it has aged, it feels necessary to introduce you all to the track. Perhaps for the first time, perhaps for the second. So, with great privilege do I give you: Circles.