The USA welcomes you with the utmost warmth in every region of the country. It does not matter if you are a resident or a tourist. You can find remarkable landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and friendly people wherever you go. We want to recommend your van rental services if you have a big team. Are you scared of the size and restrictions? Do you want to know how to arrange the road trip? We carefully collected all the answers for you. Let’s start!

Create the itinerary

Some people prefer the spontaneous traveling style. Due to the technical development, it has become a piece of cake. One may find a room for night stops in two clicks. Then, one can easily order someplace to eat or locate a tent. For a group of students, it may be the perfect option. Still, people who love being in charge of traveling would like to know every tiny thing ahead of time. We stand for that idea too.

When you have your family with children and older members, you should preorder services and create the route. To optimize time, you should know all the destinations. Different vehicle suppliers suggest taking a one-way trip if you have plans for a 12-passenger van rental with So it is when you pick up a car at one rental office and leave it in another city. This approach gives many advantages. First, you can hit the road where you need and want with unlimited mileage at a reasonable price. Then, you decide when exactly you need the van, so you can drop it off when it is convenient. Thus, you do not need to look for parking sites. It might be challenging in a crowded city, indeed.

Take additional driver


When one wants to rent a van, one becomes the main driver. It is the person who takes all the rights and duties of the car. One gets insurance and can drive safely. You can think that it might be overwhelming to drive by your own whole trip long. What if you have other experienced drivers among your fellow travelers? Can they take the steering wheel instead of the main driver? The answer is no unless you register them properly.

There is an option with the name “Additional driver.” Its conditions depend on the particular supplier terms. Some allow up to two more people to get the same rights for free. Some charge an extra fee for that service. The price also deviates. The most crucial thing is the insurance that you share with others.

Why might anyone need to ask for a helping hand? The first reason might be the distant destinations. That is when the primary driver gets tired faster and needs to be twice attentive as usual. Then, one more person is an excellent assistant.

Another reason comes from the Young Drivers Policy. It differs from one service to another. Yet, it has some similar rules for people below 25. The legislation of the USA considers them to have a loss of driving experience, and rental services tend to secure their property. The latter welcomes them too but prohibits some car classes for youngsters. Thus, a rental car for 12 people and Luxury, Exotic, and Premium vehicles may not be available. However, once you have your father or some older friend as a primary driver, you may be the additional one. Do not forget to calculate the extra charge you should pay regarding the young drivers’ regulations. You can easily do it on the car supplier website.With this option and with sharing the driving functions during the trip you will save your energy and will be able to take a small rest and enjoy your ride way more.

Choose the best vehicle


Analyzing the needs of your traveling team, you may note different points. For example, you may have a huge family, friends, and colleagues. For instance, they can travel separately and come to some agreed location individually to use a few cars and go in a convenient rhythm. But, on the contrary, you may get one huge team who wants to travel together. Thus, numerous vehicles become challenging to look for parking, agree to the schedule, and follow each other.

A vast 12-seat car rental will meet the need for a later group. It is comfortable, spacious, and allows taking many pieces of baggage. If you are going with the group of your mates, you can share the rental costs. In addition, you can add extra facilities, like a baby seat or rooftop for the skies. The van matches this need if you have kids or parents who need a lower clearance to go in and out of the car. It also is excellent on different roads, from the highways to forest paths. Consider these things gearing up for a trip, and you will never make a mistake with your choice!

Bring the documents


The list of required documents is almost the same for all rental services. One needs to show the personal ID, driving license, and a printed e-voucher you received after you preordered the vehicle online. Likewise, the credit card should be valid and issued to the main driver’s name. As the practice shows, the latter point may be confusing. Some people think that they can register everything and pay with the card of a relative who also goes for the tour. It is a mistake. Pay attention to this and prepare the CC of the main driver. Besides, all the additional drivers must bring the same documents.

If you travel from abroad, check if your local driving license is accepted in the USA. Alternatively, you should arrange an international driving permit. It will take a few more clicks and may save you a lot of time. Take care of possessing all the printed documents to arrange an unforgettable trip!

We wish you to select the best van to be hot on the USA roads. Make memories and have fun!