Outsourcing tasks for others to complete has been going on for decades, but with the growth of the internet it has become easier than ever to find ways to earn some extra cash or rewards by completing simple tasks online. Websites like Get Paid To offer a variety of tasks that you can do in exchange for money or rewards such as gift cards.

The internet now even offers free games that pay real money. There are even more sites like Get Paid To such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars, which offer a wider selection of tasks to earn rewards.

Now before we dive into how to use these sites, it’s important to remember to never pay a fee for the opportunity to earn money on these sites. Legitimate websites will never ask for an initial payment and will always have clear guidelines on how you can earn through their platform.

Let’s explore 15 ways to use these websites and maximize your earnings.


1. Take advantage of sign-up bonuses.

Most of these websites offer a bonus for signing up, usually around $5 or $10. So, make sure to take advantage of this by signing up for multiple sites at once.

2. Complete surveys.

This is one of the most popular ways to earn on Get Paid To and similar websites. Companies often pay for survey responses in order to gather data on consumer behavior and opinions, so they are willing to pay you for your input. Just remember that not all surveys will be a good fit for you, so don’t waste time filling out ones that don’t apply to you or seem suspicious.

3. Watch videos or listen to music.

These websites often have sections where you can earn by watching sponsored videos or listening to music. It’s a simple and easy way to passively earn while doing something else.


4. Refer friends and family.

Many of these sites offer referral programs, where you can earn a certain amount for each person you refer who signs up using your unique link. So, don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

5. Cash out as soon as you reach the minimum threshold.

Each website will have different cash-out options and minimum thresholds, so make sure to familiarize yourself with those in order to efficiently redeem your earnings for actual cash or rewards.

6. Take advantage of offers and deals.

Many websites offer deals where you can earn by signing up for a free trial or making a purchase through their partnered retailers. Just make sure to read the fine print and cancel any trials before they start charging you.


7. Stay active on the website.

Some sites have daily or weekly bonus opportunities where you can earn extra just by logging in and completing certain tasks every day or week. So, make sure to stay active and check regularly for these bonuses.

8. Complete micro-tasks.

These websites often have sections where you can do small tasks such as reviewing search results or transcribing audio, which may not take much time but can add up quickly in earnings.

9. Take advantage of bonuses for using their search engine.

Many of these websites offer a search engine that you can use to earn extra, so make sure to use it for any internet searches in order to maximize your earnings.


10. Participate in contests and promotions.

These websites often have contests or promotions where you can earn bonus points or even cash prizes, so make sure to check regularly and participate when possible.

11. Complete tasks on mobile apps.

Some of these websites also have mobile apps that offer similar tasks and opportunities to earn, so don’t forget to check those as well if you prefer completing tasks on the go.

12. Use shopping portals for online purchases.

Many of these websites offer shopping portals where you can earn cash back for purchases made at certain retailers. So, make sure to check and see if the website has a portal for any online shopping you do in order to earn extra.


13. Take advantage of bonus codes.

These websites often have bonus codes listed on their social media or through email newsletters, so make sure to check for those and enter them when possible, in order to earn extra points or cash.

14. Test out new products or services.

These websites sometimes offer opportunities for product testing and giving feedback, which can be a fun way to earn while trying out new things.

15. Don’t forget about bonuses for staying with the website long-term.

Many of these websites offer loyalty bonuses for continuously using the website over time, so make sure to keep earning and staying active in order to take advantage of those.



How do I know which surveys to take?

It’s important to read the descriptions and qualifying questions carefully before starting a survey. If it doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, or if it seems suspicious, it’s best to skip it.

Can I use these websites in addition to other ways of earning online?

Absolutely! These websites can be a great way to supplement your income from other online opportunities.

How do I make sure my personal information stays safe while using these websites? 

As with any online activity, always make sure to use strong passwords and never share personal information such as your social security number or credit card information. Also, make sure the website has secure payment options before providing any financial information.

How do I redeem my earnings? 

Each website will have a different process for redeeming earnings, so make sure to familiarize yourself with those in order to efficiently redeem your earnings for actual cash or rewards.


Using websites like Get Paid To and Earn Rewards or Cash can be a great way to supplement your income by completing simple tasks and activities. However, it’s important to stay cautious about personal information and make sure to take advantage of all available opportunities for earning.

Just make sure to stay active, take advantage of bonuses, and keep your personal information secure in order to maximize your earnings. Happy earning!