Silquia Patel, (R), 29, celebrates after making her bets at the FANDUEL sportsbook during the Super Bowl LIII in East Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S., February 3, 2019. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz - RC1EDC5B90B0

It is not easy to avoid stories about sports betting in almost every conversation since it is becoming more and more popular every day. The options are numerous, and it is possible to bet on everything you imagine, from real sports to Fantasy football or even video games. The competition is fierce, so operators are constantly coming up with new games and combinations that can be bet on to make a difference. Since there are too many operators, it can be challenging to find the one you can trust. In this text, we will try to present the most popular ones, and for those who don’t have time to read but want to try sports betting, check this app and try your luck.

1. DraftKings

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Finding a reliable betting site means finding the one for legal betting, and DraftKings is one of the best options in the whole US. Choosing this site will bring you many bonuses and promotions, and betting will become a great way to fulfill free time. The Draft King is the number one if we speak about Fantasy sports, and the bonus credits they can offer are up to 1,000$, which is pretty amazing. Besides that, the first deposit will get you 20 free play and many promotions that you can use for betting.

2. 888sport

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888sport is the website with one of the best sportsbooks. For those who love to see the statistics, they offer plenty of it to check before the match you want to place a bet on. They also offer you some of the highest odds and great bonuses such as free bets, double winnings, and much more. It is possible to win free bets every day, but also win a big cash prize once a week. Besides that, there is often a possibility to double your winnings and many other promotions that can bring you money. One of the most useful features is cash-out, which you can use for live betting to avoid losing money.

3. William Hill

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There is a belief that the new is always better, but there is also another belief that tradition is above all. William Hill is certainly a name with a tradition that has adapted to modern requirements. This company has been operating successfully since 1934, and its site has one of the greatest offers. The features are updating all the time, and the sportsbook is worth checking. The amount of games is big and betting on this website is always a great experience because of the promos and prizes for new but also regular members. Tradition speaks for itself and shows that this website has been trustworthy for many years.

4. FanDuel

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Fantasy sports are extremely popular, and all major websites need to have daily success in this field. FanDuel has a great fantasy sports offer, but also an amazing online sportsbook. Every new member is getting 5$ as a welcome bonus and $5 more when paying the first deposit. That money can be used to place any bet you want. Besides that, FanDuel has the option for watching sports, playing fantasy, and excellent live betting features. Every member, no matter if new or old can expect various promotions and bonuses that will complete the whole experience.

5. FOX bet


FOX channels are covering many major sports events, and with FOX bet, you can fulfill the experience. With a live betting feature, you can watch the game that you are betting on and place the new bet whenever you want. Besides live features, the sportsbook is also rich, and daily promotions are attracting more new members. The regular members are not forgotten too, and they can expect many benefits every day. The company is on the market for a long time, and it is trustworthy.

6. Golden Nugget

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Many people enjoy casino games and sports betting alike, so the ideal website for them is one that can offer both. One of them is Golden Nugget, with a diverse offer of casino games but also great options for sports betting. If you are one of those people, you should take advantage of frequently playing and winning many cash prizes and bonuses. The site is such that there is always something to play on, so you will not be bored waiting for the results of the matches. There is live betting, but also dynamic casino games with which time will surely pass faster, and there is always a chance to win some extra money.

7. Bet365

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Although a new company in the US, bet365 has existed in Europe for a long time, and during that time, it has proven to be very reliable. On this site, you can find a great offer of games and games that you can bet on, but also casino games. Bet365 was the first website that offered the cash-out feature and live streaming in real-time. Another great feature is a bet builder that you can use to personalize your bets on every soccer game you want. Besides that, it is also possible to edit your bets by adding, swapping, or removing them. If you are a fan of horse races, there is also a possibility of tracking your horse by GPS in real-time during the race.

Finding the right site can be difficult because the number of them on the market is increasing every day, but it also brings many benefits. One of them is that all companies try to attract as many users as possible, and that means a lot of bonuses and rewards, both for new and old members. Although interesting, betting can be addictive, so it is very important to be responsible. For those who think there is a chance of becoming addicted, it is best to seek professional help. Betting should be fun, and only then it can be safe to fulfill your extra time in this way and maybe win some extra money.