LA-based producer TRICKR is bursting onto the scene with his debut original ‘Cops’ on Oct. 10th. It’s a wobbly house heater with dark energy that’s balanced with playful overtones. A steady and intriguing intro sets the tempo before listeners are thrown into a newscast reporting live from an out of control rager. As the song’s namesake loops, the beat builds before dropping into some deep and filthy basement house vibes. Combining wild sound design with a steady groove makes ‘Cops’ a banger that you can appreciate in your headphones or on the dance floor with ease. Add in the blaring sirens and entrancing vocals, and this one will have you going hard all night. ‘Cops’ is the first of three new singles from TRICKR set to drop this year.

“‘COPS’ is really about that moment when the police show up to break up a wild house party, you know…that ‘oh shit it’s the COPS’ moment. I got inspired by some old dancehall/reggaeton records and the way they use sirens as an instrument, so I wanted to make a track that used sirens as a sort of sonic theme. All the sirens reminded me of the days when my friends and I would throw house parties that would usually end up getting busted by the police, and that’s when pieces really started to come together. The track is meant to be fun and quirky but also dark, and heavy.“ – TRICKR