Time and time again, we\’ve seen artists demonstrate their talent by being able to flip mediocre mainstream nonsense and make it incredible; and former Chicago resident Trentino is one of the best at it. He\’s just blown us away with his hard-hitting revision of Young Thug\’s \”Best Friend\”.

Trentino\’s style frequently consists of a housey style,  and heavy basslines; and this one holds true to his solidly established sound. The drop is aggressive enough to pump up a bass-thirsty crowd, yet groovy enough to fuel a late night club dancefloor. Plus, again, there is much to be said in favor of transforming the incomprehensible babbling and elementary beats of rap \”superstar\” Young Thug into a crispy clean mix.

A tip of the fedora to Trentino for continuing to impress. Pick up his bootleg for free and support him by liking and sharing!