YouTubers are people who are active on YouTube, and they publish attractive and interesting videos for their audience, hoping that it will bring some profit to them. As you know, there are plenty of individuals who really can do that, and they earn serious amounts of cash due to the ads that are placed during the video content.

As we all know, YouTube is a very popular and well-known video platform, that exists for a long time now. First, people only could publish and watch videos, and then the service was improved, especially after joining the big Google family. Everyone who has a Google account has an option to create channels, publish videos, comment, like, and share them with the audience. You can find many different types of video content, including music videos, song covers, magic tricks, cosmetic products reviews, car testing, movie trailers, magicians, food recipes, cute animals, documentaries, travel reports, and many others.

Many users are in a hurry to get more subscribers, so they are using bots or even paid services to accomplish that. No one says that’s illegal, but in many cases, they don’t have a plan how to make that less visible, and bots are not real accounts that are active and can make a difference. But, surely there are services like that may help the newbies get the attention they need, in order to start a successful channel.

The popular YouTube users can be at every age, profession, or may come from different cities and countries, that doesn’t matter, as soon as they have attractive and interesting content to share with their subscribers. Today, we will talk a little about the most popular Chicago YouTubers in the world:

1. Cristina Villegas

Source: Instagram

She has 1.65 million subscribers that follow her, as she presents makeup, clothes, shoes, or even plastic and aesthetic surgeries. Also, this year she shared her stripper and pole-dancing experience, baking gingerbread cookies, Christmas decor, and many other daily activities. Some of the videos have over 4 million views.

2. She Hawaiin – RAYSOWAVYY

Source: Instagram

Her name is Raynesha Lewis, she is based in Chicago, and on her channel, you can find plenty of videos of her daily activities, pranks, specials, singing, dancing, traveling, and many other entertaining games. She has far fewer subscribers compared to Christina Villegas, but the audience is recognizing her talent, and they follow her on most of the social media profiles she has.

3. JiBrizy

Source: Instagram

He is a well-known magician who has 280,000 subscribers. He claims he can read minds, and do magical tricks, but also, you can find many prank videos, podcasts, walking through the town and surprising the people, or even singing and recording music videos.

4. Hailey Lainee

Source: Instagram

Her channel is named The Laine Family, as she recently became a mother. Now, she is sharing her motherhood adventures. Before that, she was publishing a lot of pregnancy-related videos, make-up tricks, traveling vlogs, dancing, curly hair tips, and different kinds of hacks and tutorials.

5. Robert Loyale

Even though he is pretty new on the network, he already has more than 62K subscribers. Robert is using this platform to promote his custom T-shirts, designs, shoes, and marketing and pricing tricks.

6. VibeBrit

Another one lifestyle-related video channel on YouTube. She is relatively new there, but many people recognized her potential, especially when she shared her first farting video, or when she was begging for a new iPhone. She isn’t active in recent months, but probably she is preparing something hilarious for her comeback.

7. Just Nakita Vlogs

Source: Instagram

She is recording very long videos, like 10 or 20 minutes, telling the people valuable lessons for life, relationships, and family. And the best thing is that her format still attracts pretty much views, even though she is just one of so many similar themed channels.

8. Mackenzie Davies

On her channel DancingWithMackenzie she is publishing very interesting videos about her ballet career. Together with the dancing, she is also sharing what a ballerina eats, how her life is going, which are her favorite makeup brands, skincare routines, and interesting moments with her boyfriend.

9. Shaun Rodriguez

Source: Instagram

On YouTube, you can find him as Sharney Rod, and on his channel, he is sharing some controversial videos about using drugs and alcohol. But, his Instagram profile shows him as a good skater who is taking care of his health.

10. Abbey Strohmeyer

Source: Instagram

She is a makeup artist willing to try new products, change her appearance, use a lot of makeup on her face, and sharing the impressions of some product. She is very talented, and probably her videos are interesting, even though her Instagram audience is much bigger than YouTube’s.

Even though most of the social media platforms are supporting the short video format, those vloggers who still want to share more content are choosing YouTube as the main channel to distribute the videos to the audience. Also, when you publish your videos, you should use proper description, catchy titles, attractive thumbnails, high-traffic hashtags, or even buying real subscribers, so you can increase the traffic to your channel.

There are plenty of platforms you can publish your videos, and now, you are able to sync them all. But, YouTube is still people’s favorite, because it suggests content according to the user’s interest, and finds suggestions tailored for you.

Chicago has a great potential to give the world popular and quality YouTubers, even though it was a challenging task to find 10 of them, and make a list. But, surely these people we mentioned in the article have a lot of potential to bring us quality videos, that will keep us entertained, or teach something valuable that we can use in life.

Surely there are plenty of accounts that are worth watching and enjoying in their interesting content, and if you know some of them, feel free to share their channels with us, so we can keep them in mind when making the second part of this list.