The word ‘smart’ has intensively changed its meaning through the ages. It means more than being intelligent or someone equipped with skills and knowledge. It is now being associated with technology more than humans and for all the right reasons also. The term ’smart’ is an acronym that says, ‘Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology,’ and well the self-awareness that comes with the word ‘smart’ obliges the acronym in all sorts of ways.

According to some recent studies, the world had seen 26.66 billion smart devices by 2019. It is expected that this number will rise to 35 billion within the ongoing year only. All of us work endlessly in our day to day life to achieve bliss and peace; these devices are our gateway to such peace. If not already, you should start elevating your household with these smart devices.

One important thing to note here is that these devices severely depend on the internet for functioning – in simpler terms, the internet acts like oxygen supply for these devices and so there should be no compromise on that. For Internet speeds as high as 940 Mbps and uninterrupted, contract-free connection, look into Spectrum packages and choose the internet plan that suits your needs or if you have doubts, you can always call its customer service for a better understanding of your bandwidth requirements. Furthermore, we have discussed some of the best smart devices in this article, for your convenience and ease.

1. iRobot Roomba

One of the first smart home devices and still one of the best, iRobot Roomba is an automatic vacuum that cleans vinyl, hardwood, ceramic, laminate, tile, and carpet with just a button. Moreover, you do not have to be present for it to function, you can schedule cleaning as well.

Source: Donaghy Bros

2. August Smart Lock

With your smartphone, you can control your smart lock from anywhere. Lock or unlock for anyone or everyone, depending on your preference from just a click on your phone.

3. Chamberlain Garage Opener

The Chamberlain Garage Opener allows you to control your garage door from anywhere. For security reasons, this is one of the best measures. Also, you would never worry about leaving your garage door opened! Here’s a guide to set it up so that it automatically closes when you leave.

Source: Electronic House

4. Ring Video Doorbell

Find out who is on the door from anywhere and choose how to respond with ease. Even if you are on vacation or are traveling, this video doorbell can help you with its two-way communication feature allowing you to talk to your visitors even when you are away.

5. Canary Home Security

The night vision, the wide-angle lens, the audio recording – Canary brings the best of all worlds for you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. This home security device also features temperature monitoring and air quality controls too.

Source: Time Magazine

6. Sentri Monitoring System

A home security system equipped with a touch screen? Well, that is the dream. The Sentri Monitoring System offers you just that and more. It is compatible with other smart home devices like Philips Hue and Nest Thermostat.

7. Awair Air Quality Monitor

The Awair Air Quality Monitor can detect dust, toxic chemicals, and carbon dioxide in the air. It can also monitor the humidity and temperature levels.

Source: Pinterest

8. Petnet Smart feeder

This smart feeder is the dream for all pet owners, especially the ones with busy schedules. You can manage portion size, schedule time for feeding, and command anything else from your smartphone application. However, it is not compatible with Android as yet and can only work with iOS at the moment.

9. Petcube Interactive Camera

Just like the above smart device, Petcube Interactive Camera is ideal for pet owners with tight schedules. With this smart home device, you can watch, communicate, play, and interact with your pets from anywhere through your smartphone.

10. Flux Smart Bulb

This smart bulb does not just dispense light in your home but also sound. Flux Smart Bulb is a good looking replacement for speakers and with these bulbs, you can coordinate sound and music through the entire house.

11. Playbulb

Playbulb is a flameless, and harmless candle which is safe for all ages. To elevate the mood of the room, it changes thousands of color shades.

Source: Best Buy Blog – Best Buy Canada

12. Nest Thermostat

With an attractive exterior, Nest Thermostat houses amazing features like switching itself off when you are not home to save money, and it can also program itself to schedule itself to save time.

13. Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is a smart fire alarm system that can send notifications to your smartphone. It can detect toxins like carbon monoxide and can last for up to 10 years.

Source: Reviewed

14. Amazon Echo

Offering voice controls for a lot of smart home devices, Amazon Echo is a delight to own. Its sleek design and pure color body make it look like a decoration piece in your living room.

15. Nucleus Smart Intercom

This smart home device allows you to communicate within the house with its touch screen intercom. You can also monitor your phone with its help. Also, it can transmit call signals in less than 0.2 seconds.

Source: Laughing Squid

16. Rain Machine Irrigation Controller

A smart home cannot be completed without a smart lawn, now can it? With this smart irrigation controller, you can save water, money, and time while keeping your lawn in the best manner possible.

17. Tile Item Finder

This is a dream smart device for every lazy and forgetful person. You just need to link the smart fob with the devices you most likely lose frequently like your phone or keys, and you would never lose them ever again.

Suorce: Gadget Flow

18. Digital Art Display

If you have any aesthetics, you would love this device. This Digital Art Display smart device can change its displayed artwork as you like. You can add your favorite artists to the queue, upload your own art, and discover new art for that matter. You can control the mood of your room however you like.

19. Fujifilm Smartphone Printer

Carrying your printer everywhere is not that feasible, but what if you don’t really have to? Fujifilm Smartphone Printer allows you to print anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone. You can create a photo booth out of your smartphone.

Source: The Phoblographer

20. Drop Smart Kitchen Scale

This smart home device can measure your ingredients instantly and allows you to follow several interactive recipes without you having to click anywhere.