electric zoo 2016 top sets

Randall\’s Island Electric Zoo Festival had a lot to offer this year. With it being sold out on Sunday and having around 83,000 attendees the whole weekend marked the highest overall attendance since 2013.

The three-day music festival, which took place this Labor Day Weekend, September 2-4, at Randall’s Island Park in New York City, was led by a unique “Wild Island” theme and featured headline performances from Tiesto, Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, Bassnectar, Porter Robinson and Steve Aoki.

Overall, Electric Zoo had a variety of EDM genre\’s. Here are some the sets that we thought were the best (in no particular order):


Zomboy brought the energy on the day 1 of Electric Zoo. Zomboy is known to play dubstep, but he also played some trap. He was even dancing to his own set. He was busy all weekend with other music festivals, but he started out his weekend right at Electric Zoo.


Flux Pavilon

What made his set stand out was the fact that he was at the timing. His set was right at sunset, which gave his set a perfect panorama. The main stage production plus his music made everyone dance their hearts out.



Out of all the festivals that Bassnectar has performed in, this one has to be a favorite. The music flowed smoothly throughout his melodic, yet bass heavy set. What made this set stand out is the amount of space available to enjoy Bassnectar. When Bassnectar goes to a festival, it\’s usually packed with bassheads. Not to say that\’s bad, but you can enjoy better when there is space. Electric Zoo ravers had the special opportunity to see Bassnectar closely and comfortably.


Louis The Child

How can one not love Louis the Child? Their set at Ezoo resembled their amazing set from Lollapalooza. Louis the Child gets a place on the top because they made the crowd sing a long, feel good, and have an amazing time. The best thing about Louis the Child is that they go to the beat of their own drum.

Are you coming out this fall? pic.twitter.com/Un0Ubk1phF

— Louis The Child (@LouisTheChild) September 8, 2016


It was hard to leave Louis the Child to see Etc!Etc! but there are no regrets. Etc!Etc! had the crowd booty shaking, head banging, and grooving. What made Etc! Etc! so great is his variety of music. It could have gone from moombah, to dubstep, to hip-hop. The energy was bouncing back and forth, from the crowd, to Etc!Etc! and back. This is was definitely the most fun set of Saturday.


NGHTMRE was a mixture of everything as well from trap,dubstep, and hip hop, but he also incorporated mainstream EDM into his set (such as Kanye West, Diplo, Justin, Kendrick Lamar), which made him a success at Electric Zoo.

Ilan Bluestone

Ilan Bluestone is a part of the Anjuna Beats family… that says it all. Ilan Bluestone brought trance to Electric Zoo, which was rare this year. Bluestone\’s set had everyone in the crowd singing and gave everyone the feels. Bluestone played a lot of Above & Beyond, which was incredible. You were in for a treat if you got to hear this amazing set.

The Chainsmokers

Seeing them live made makes you realize why they are as mainstream as they are… they are great performers, as well as great producers. I was blown away with how versatile their set was. They played their music, as well as got out of their typical house/pop bubble. They would talk to the crowd as if they were talking to us individually.



Porter Robinson

There\’s something about Porter Robinson\’s music that is comfortably dark. Porter Robinson\’s sets are intimate with a lot of soul. There was something about this set specifically that was magical. He took us through a wonderful story throughout his music, which got him to the top 10.


Bass lovers got a treat by being able to see Getter. Getter had the crowd head banging and moshing. If you\’re into Mad Decent artists and deep dubs, this was the set for you. Getter filled up the whole stage with dubstep lovers.