Skrillex OWSLA RADIO 5 years

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another \”TOP \’ENTER NUMBER HERE\’\” list to further validate your liking DJ Heavy Beatzzz over DJ Banger Deluxe…except this isn\’t your average holier than thou list. At 1001Tracklist, an online database that tracks EDM specific tracks, podcasts, live sets and other listenable material, they\’ve been hard at work mucking about the massive collection compressed .wav files known as dance music to give us the list we didn\’t necessarily ask for, but eh we\’ll take it.

Thank god they\’re original though. See, unlike the boys at DJMag or r/EDM (kek), this list doesn\’t go by popular vote where 13 year olds can spam argue over who screams \”3, 2, 1, Jump!\” the hardest over the FATTEST BEAT (BRO), but instead ranks artists by online interactions in 2016, or how they put it, \”the cumulative amount of unique DJ support for tracks played in 2016.\”

Yes, that\’s right. Big Brother was counting your reposts and likes and keeping a scoreboard for the DJs of the EDM and electronic music world. So what we have is a very interesting take on not really the most talented or hard hitting DJs and producers, but more who is the most influential from an online point of view. Which, I guess can be worthwhile looking at. Will you be offended that your producer didn\’t make the top 10? Sure, but at least this shows that even though you love him or her, maybe if you gave them a little bit more love…just one more upvote or one more repost…they could\’ve finessed their way up the charts.

Disregard the above paragraph, the author was incorrect. DJs are recorded and ranked by this method by tracking the songs played in sets and mixes and is mainly determined by tracklist uploads.

Go ahead and peep this fairly predictable top 10, but I highly recommend checking out the rest of the list here and seeing some of what I would call suprises as you work your way through the 25 mark (atta boy Dillon).

1. Skrillex
2. Axwell
3. Hardwell
4. Diplo
5. Tiƫsto
6. Kryder
7. Don Diablo
8. Oliver Heldens
9. Sebastian Ingrosso
10. Eric Prydz