Tomorrowland Winter

Over the past few days Tomorrowland has been publishing mysterious teaser videos. The videos are cryptic in that they provide no information.  At first glance the videos seem to show an underwater world within the globe. However, new rumors point to an impending announcement of a Tomorrowland Winter festival.

A French ski resort reported the following job posting for an ambassador:

A unique combination: the experience of Tomorrowland festival and the opportunity to ski in the most beautiful ski resort of Europe. An integral fusion between music, ski and nature. 

The website suggests that the Tomorrowland Winter will take place in 2019 in March, from 9 to 16. To add to the mystery, the domain has been registered with an official Tomorrowland contact email, suggesting that some surprising plans on their way for the Tomorrowland community! Stay tuned for updates on Tomorrowland Winter as we find out more about the elusive event.