Tiga took to social media to remind us of the very human element of DJing. Many fans expect DJs to be on their A game every time they see them – but what if they’re not? Canadian producer and DJ expresses how it is impossible to play a great set every time if you are a world touring DJ after a disappointing set in Rome, Italy.

The musician speaks of a topic not many have touched on because it can be difficult to be vulnerable. He discusses the many factors that can go wrong while playing a set, and the impossible nature of getting it all right. The response has been quite positive from the DJ community, including endorsements from Damien Lazarus, The Black Madonna, Disclosure, and many more.

Maybe it is time we recognize that DJing is a carefully crafted art that takes much effort, and can certainly be very difficult, especially with so many variables. Tiga’s real and humble statement garners respect and speaks to his tremendous self-reflective ability.

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