Hot off his remix for \”Feel Good Inc.\” by Gorillaz, Matt Dash has teamed up with Mike Bugout for a take on \”Ten Seconds Before Sunrise\” by Tiesto. An instant classic, and one some people may have forgotten about in the past seven years, Matt and Mike wanted to tackle a song that might have gotten lost in the wave of groundbreaking dance music over time. With the collaboration considered an easy decision for Matt, the two combined their similar production styles and unique tastes to bring a remix that sounds more like ten seconds after sunrise.

According to Matt, the two had been exchanging music for over a year and says that Mike offered great advice when he first began to enter the production scene, so the connection was already there. And Mike Bugout is not a name to overlook. I mean, have you listened to his remix to \”You\” by Galantis that he did with Steinway? Because you should.

There is talk of another collaboration in the future. Perhaps an original track? We can only hope. But for the time being, we have this little number.

Listen to Matt and Mike\’s remix to \”Ten Seconds Before Sunrise\” by Tiesto below: