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The world of online gambling is huge and one of the biggest pieces of the gambling world is sports betting.

This industry is one that continues to grow and move forward, helped by the legalisation of sports betting in the USA. Whether it’s a league in the US like the NFL, a touring sport such as the PGA Tour or something big in Europe like the Premier League, millions of people bet on the outcome of games.

Not everyone is experienced though, and with this being an industry that can become a little complex from time to time, many people look for help and advice along the way.

Does this sound like you? If so, here are three things that every online sports gambler should know.

1. Betting Online is All About Getting a Great Deal

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It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about welcome bonuses for new players, the best odds, the best lines or something else, when you bet online it is all about getting a great deal.

The online market is so competitive that anyone who doesn’t offer a good deal will be found out, and customers will know to swerve them and bet with someone else.

If you are looking for a new account you will find a wide variety of promotions open to new players. The offers listed on the website are a typical example of what you can expect to find when you sign up as a new player.

Almost everything you see online will be good, these deals are easy to come by. Something you should always have when betting online is a great deal on your side.

2. You Can Find New Betting Markets That Match Your Opinion on Games

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The range of betting markets available for online players is far superior than what others will find who don’t bet online. This means you can match what you think will happen with a betting market for that.

As an example, let’s say you are talking to friends about an upcoming NFL game. You think a team will win comfortably, by a double digit score and you think the quarterback for that team will throw for over 300 yards. They also have a star running back who you fancy to score a touchdown in the game.

Online you will find markets for the winning margin, you will find player prop markets that offer betting on quarterback yards and you will find anytime touchdown scorer markets.

This makes betting incredibly simply and personal to you. Rather than using limited markets, you can place a bet on exactly what your opinion is of the game that is taking place.

3. Research is Key

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For every single aspect of betting online, research is key. Whether you are looking for the best welcome offers, the biggest odds for an upcoming game, the best handicap lines to use, the best each way terms or something else, you will only find them by researching.

When you bet online, the more you stick with one bookmaker, the more chance you have of missing out on a great deal elsewhere. Even if you are happy with your bookmaker, make sure you stay ahead of the game by researching what others are doing and offering.

This is time consuming, but the latest technology advancements will help you out.

You should be able to complete these tasks via mobile or on a tablet if you are out, but however you do them, remember that these hours are important and will enrich your online betting and get you the best deal.

4. Be Prepared to Lose

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If you go into your betting life with the intention of winning almost every time you place a bet then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Even the professional gamblers out there will lose on a regular basis, how often you lose will depend on the sport you are betting on and the odds you are taking.

For example, if you are placing bets on big outsiders then you will only need a small strike rate to make a profit, that means you will lose more often.

Bets at double figure odds can have a win ratio of one win in every 10 bets and still make a profit. This means you will lose nine times out of ten.

If you are backing at shorter odds then your strike rate will need to be more like 50%, maybe even bigger if you are backing odds on regularly.

Make sure your expectations around losses match what you are trying to do, and also be happy to lose because you can lose regularly and win overall.

5. Keep a Record of What Happens

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After you have found your feet in the betting world, you should look to improve things and make changes in the future.

A betting spreadsheet is vital to anyone looking to improve. Record every bet on this, and then use the figures to work out what you are good and bad it.

It may be that you excel in some sports and not others. By making changes to your staking plan, or maybe even cutting sports out together, will see your profit and loss increase in the future.

Many sports gamblers pick out what to bet on and make no changes moving forward. What every sports gambler should know is that the path to profit involves changes and enhancement to your betting.

The only way to do that is to keep a record of what you do, analyse it and find out what to do in the future that will make things even better.

What to Takeaway

If you are looking to improve your gambling or start as a newcomer then here are the five things to take away and use.

  1. Look around and get a good deal
  2. Bet on betting markets that allow you to back your opinion
  3. Spend time researching every aspect of your bet and where to place it
  4. Be prepared mentally to lose some of the bets you place, maybe more than you win
  5. Keep a record and analyse your bets