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There are many non-immigrants visas available for foreign nationals or an alien that seek to enter the country. There are temporary visas for students, like the F1 visas, B1 or B2 visas are reserved for people who want to travel the country and encounter a new culture leisurely. People with exceptional talents book O1 visas.

Before discussing the advantages of non-immigrant visas, let us first define a non-immigrant visa. According to Ashoori Law, non-immigrants visas are applicable for foreigners who want to step foot in and reside in the country for only a period. Unlike immigrant visas, non-immigrants bearers are not able to apply for permanent residency.

O1 Visa

Under the O1 visa, foreign nationals can legally step foot into the United States to continue honing their skills in business, athletics, or even arts. If you are a foreign national with astounding prowess in the areas mentioned above, you are in luck, O1A and O1B visas are perfect for you.

To qualify for the visa, an applicant should provide shreds of evidence to demonstrate their legitimacy. It would help if you were an embodiment of an outstanding person, far from the average. Notable medals or certification are an example of evidence you can present the Embassy.

The O1 Advantages

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If you are an O1 bearer, you can lawfully reside in the nation within 36 months. You can go back to your homeland without facing any problems. If you feel like the period given to you is not enough to master your craft, you can easily extend your stay. To know more visit this website.

There are no limitations to the times you can lengthen your stay. However, the period given to you is only 12 months, but you can extend again since there are no limits. This advantage does not come along with most visas.

The O1A visa allows its applicant to petition for themselves. You don’t need to have a job offer from a U.S. employer. However, O1B bearers need to have a talent agency to petition for them.

Under this visa, you can have multiple employers. You can work under numerous talent agencies as long as your body allows you to. If an opportunity arises and you feel like you have to grab to gain new knowledge or experience, you can do that with ease.

There is no limit to the number of O1 visa available released annually. You can file anytime and not brood over whether it is possible or not.

F1 Visa

This visa is reserved for international students who want to enter the nation and study at an American university. If you’re going to earn a degree in a foreign country, apply for this visa.

Before applying, you should have a form issued from the university you are going to study in. To qualify, you must show proof that you are financially able to finish your studies inside the nation. You also have to demonstrate fluency in English, unless you are coming under the language training program.

This will cost a fortune, you have to pay for tuition fees and living costs, but it is worth it. You can gain new knowledge, meet new friends, and experience an entirely new culture.

The F1 advantages

You can lawfully take full-time classes that will lead to a degree. You might think you are stuck with the university you initially planned to study, but if things didn’t work out, you could change schools. You can also change your degree. All you need to do is to notify the USCIS about the change that you want to do.

Studying abroad is very costly; you can help your family cut the cost by working. You can work apply for part-time jobs inside the campus. This will give you extra money for your expenses.

If you want, you can seek to work outside the campus, but you must gain consent from the USCIS. This is essential if you want to reside in the nation permanently in the long run; you need to apply for non-immigrant visas, though.

You can change your visa status if you want to work for American companies. Changing your status while on an F1 visa is available. Most of the students opt to switch to an H1B visa.

If there are delays in your graduation, you can apply for an extension until you finish your studies. Traveling is also permitted.

The B2 Visa

Since we are talking about traveling, under the B2 visa, you can leisurely travel in the nation. If you want to visit famous landmarks, meet your internet friends, attend your favorite artist’s concert, or attend a business convention (under the B1 category), you can!

You have to present documentation that will demonstrate your financial stability. Your purpose of travel should be limited for leisure only, and you have the intention to go back to your native country.

Advantages of B2 Visa

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Since holders of this visa are only allowed in the nation for numbered days, the processing time is rapid. You can obtain your approved visa in just a few days after your application.

Bearers of the B2 visa are allowed to visit neighboring countries such as Mexico or Canada. Another great advantage of the visa is that you are allowed to re-enter the nation as long as your visa is valid. You need to supply documents.

These are the advantages we have gathered that are beneficial for you. Keep in mind that there are more non-immigrant visas for specific purposes. Each visa has its benefits that bearers can enjoy.

Whether to master your craft, study or live your life to the fullest, you can set foot into the United States. It may cost you a fortune of your money, but it is always worth it. We believe that gaining experience and experiencing a new culture that only comes in your life once are the best advantages you can get in acquiring a visa.