Coffi’s new track “Gloom and Doom” proves just how dark Coffi can be. The eerie clinks in the beginning make you think you’re entering another dimension with untold horrors and as the bass drops, these horrors seem to be surrounding you, spewing their anthem of evil. Coffi has captured his own genre between trap and dubstep, and it will have you cringing while yearning for more. The intense vibrations that Coffi sends to those brave enough to endure them, are laced with roaring bass that seems to posses the listeners, forcing them to sway to the frightening drops.

Coffi is coming to Chicago on April 25th to infect fans with his bass virus as part of his Gentleman’s Club 2015  U.S. Tour. Coffi plans to destroy the Medusa in Elgin,IL as the final leg of XDI’s April Pre-Fest Bass-athon with help from his friends 50 Carrot and Soloman. Those courageous enough to attend will truly witness the dark side of Coffi.