Just last month, Calvin Harris and model/girlfriend Aarika Wolf split up after reportedly dating for several months and now it appears that the highest paid DJ/producer has already moved on to someone we all were not expecting — Taylor Swift.

The rumors starting swirling after the two were spotted by concertgoers \”getting snuggly\” and holding hands during Kenny Chesney\’s concert in Nashville this past Thursday.  The day before that, Harris and Swift were also seen wearing matching outfits while shopping together at a Whole Foods.


It has been said that the two first starting hanging out after Harris allegedly chartered a private jet to fly Swift to one of his gigs in Vegas.  However, earlier this month when asked about Swift during an interview with Capital FM, the DJ insinuated having no attraction to the singer at all by saying \”she looks lovely, but she\’s just the opposite of my type.\”

Selena Gomez, who happens to be one of Taylor Swift\’s best friends, is currently dating EDM artist Zedd so perhaps the \”Zeddlena\” relationship could have influenced this new romance between Harris and Swift.  Or maybe it could be possible that the two are just in the works of collaborating on a new track, but there hasn\’t been any indication of that so far.

What do you think?  Does this relationship have potential or is it just another break-up song for Taylor Swift?



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