If you\’re don\’t quite know of the Team Supreme collective, perhaps a few of it\’s key members may trigger some familiarity: Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Two Fresh, to name just a few. Their most recent 30-minute mix, curated by Zeds Dead, brings over 25 artists together all around the same BPM.

And no you\’re not going crazy either!! Because what makes this cypher-style mix so unique is how it loops Zeds Dead’s \”Too Young\” (ft. Weezer’s Rivers Coumo) and Pusha T on perpetual repeat, with 27 separate beats by 27 different producers. The only variation is the different stems that each artist contributes — from experimental, hip-hop, and trap sound design — all brought into one cohesive musical offering.

Stream the mix below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Also, be sure click the link to the track\’s Soundcloud page to see which specific time stamps corresponds with each Team Supreme producer\’s unique design.

H/T ThisSongIsSick