After a short absence from releasing, Subscape returns with new music. Previously featured on Dub Police’s ‘Past Present Future’ album, ‘I Would Have Loved You’ was so well received that the label decided to release it as a single.

Charging with a pumping groove, crystalline piano riff, undulating bass and purring vocals, ‘I Would Have Loved You’ is a rare moment of party positivity and dancefloor unity. These distinctive motifs echo throughout the remixes, too. LA’s AWE lays down a head-twisting hybrid where formative house organs combine with dreamy overlays and dramatic rolling beats. Meanwhile Atlantic Parade – a brand new act scouted by the sharp ears of Subscape himself – serves up a soul-soothing blend that struts and jacks with timeless deep house majesty.

The release also comes complete with the brand new production ‘Angels’. Taking inspiration from the LA beat scene, it’s a whirlwind of emotional synths, anchorlike kicks, deep immersive subs and stunning guitar lines that shimmer with sonic beauty. Just like the single\’s title track, it acts as a great teaser for Subscape’s forthcoming album.

Out now on Juno Download.


It\’s been a while since we last heard from you. What have you been up to?

I’ve been very busy in the studio writing my debut album! I’ve been lucky enough to play some shows in North America and Europe this Summer, but mostly I’ve been focusing on writing lots of new music.

Your new single is out now. Can you introduce it to us?

‘I Would Have Loved You’ was originally featured on the Past Present Future project from Dub Police, which came out last year. The response for my track was very good, so the label decided to release it as a single. The package consists of the original with two remixes – one from LA-based producer AWE, and another from the UK producer Atlantic Parade, who gave it a 130BPM spin. I also included one of my original productions called Angels.

I’m really feeling \’Angels\’ and it feels like you’re experimenting a bit more with this one?

I wanted to write something that was slightly different, but had the same feel and vibe of Nothings Wrong. When I was in the studio writing Angels, it was an organic, natural process. The track doesn’t sound like anything currently going on, which is exciting for me. It was good to see so many people responding to the track so well.

How do you keep Dubstep sounding fresh?

In order to keep the style of dubstep that I write fresh, I look at influences from my peers and what is currently going on in the scene. I try and create something in a slightly different direction, making sure that the production quality and the musicality is as exciting as it can possibly be!

You have an album coming up. Will you be collaborating with any exciting artists on it?

I’m now at the final stages of putting together some music for some vocalists. As it is my debut album, I’m not over-crazy about collaborating with many other producers. However, there could be a few interesting surprises on there for the wider audience. Keep close to my website [] and there will be plenty more information coming soon!

How does a normal day in the life of Subscape look like?

They tend to vary but my days will always include some association with music. On some occasions they can be pretty random, depending on the night or the weekend before. This morning for example, I woke up and tried to take a contact lens out of my eye that wasn’t even there!

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