When it comes to having a dedicated fan base of devoted humans who travel for miles and miles to each show, there\’s no doubt that Bassnectar and his family of BassHeads have earned well-deserved recognition in the music industry.

The love for Lorin Ashton\’s work is beyond massive; this support doesn\’t fall short for Lo\’s upcoming tenth studio album. Noise Vs. Beauty (NVSB) touches on a wide variety of genres and crosses dance music boundaries of all kinds. It\’s been two years since Lo has released a full studio album and the wait has been surely been worth it. The release date of this album is June 24th, but you can stream the full album here courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Bassnectar has quickly become the absolute king of sound; an unprecedented amount of effort and talent goes into not only his music, but also his live production. Catch him at Chicago\’s own North Coast Music Festival this year in August.

\’Noise Vs. Beauty\’ Track List:

1. F.U.N. (with Seth Drake)

2. Now (featuring Rye Rye)

3. Loco Ono

4. You & Me (featuring W. Darling)

5. Lost in the Crowd (featuring Fashawn & Zion I) (with Jantsen)

6. Ephemeral

7. Hold On (featuring TURSI)

8. Noise (featuring Donnis)

9. The Future (featuring Jenna Sousa)

10. Open Up (featuring Simon Morel)

11. Mystery Song (featuring BEGINNERS) (with Amp Live)

12. Don\’t Hate the 808 (featuring Lafa Taylor)

13. Gnar (with The Upbeats)

14. Flash Back

15. So Butterfly (2014 Version)