Steve Aoki, just released his new American electro house album titled Neon Future Odyssey, and it’s everything we can expect from him. Taking one listen to the album you can tell that he made this with a purpose. Each song has great builds, with loud drops, that a huge crowd will enjoy. The ones that displays this the most are “Titanic” and “Cake Face” where listening, will make you feel transported to any festival of your choosing. Aoki has definitely caught onto the festival vibe, and is mixing his tracks for that type of venue. His album also sports tons of awesome features like “Back to Earth”s Fall Out Boy to “Youth Dem (Turn Up)” Snoop Lion. One of the most surprising features has to be “Warp Speed”s J.J. Abrams, which leaves the impression that you are taking a spaceship out to space with Aoki and Abrams in tow.

Check out Neon Future Odyssey on Soundcloud