Australian sisters Mim & Liv, better known under their stage name NERVO, have been gaining popularity fast over the last couple of years. Selling out venues and festivals in a heartbeat and being followed on Facebook by millions, the girls behind the \’NERVOnation\’ are just starting.

They kicked off their musical career after working as professional models. In 2009 they co-wrote David Guetta\’s global hit \’When Love Takes Over\’ which went on to win a Grammy Award. After this success they decided to pursue their career as artists by releasing songs under their own last name and collaborating with other artists.

Most well known for tracks like \’The Way We See The World\’ (with Afrojack and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike), \’Livin\’ My Love\’ (with Steve Aoki), \’Like Home\’ (with Nicky Romero), \’Hold On\’, \’Revolution\’ (with R3hab and Ummet Ozcan) and more recently \’Ready For The Weekend\’ (with R3hab, featuring Ayah Marar). This is all just a tastemaker though, as the duo is working hard on their debut album.

Their festival sets can be described best as high energy, with lot\’s of their own material. It\’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere created by the rhythmical sisters. They are definitely a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Their Dutch Mysteryland performance led to an interview where I was lucky enough to speak to them about the festival season, fashion and their upcoming album.


You have played at some major festivals this year. As we are approaching the end of the season, how do you look back at it and what will you focus on next?

We are constantly pinching ourselves and on a constant high when we think about our summer gigs. We really have had a great few European months. Coming up next is a small tour of Central and South America and then we\’re looking forward to releasing more music. Our album is done so we\’re ready to unleash the singles.

What did you think of the Dutch Myseryland\’s atmosphere? Did it feel different compared to the American version?

The stages were similar but the vibe is always unique. It was cool to play the old Woodstock venue in the USA but then the Dutch venue is also very beautiful on the lake.

Fashion is clearly important to you. How do you decide what to wear?

We travel the world all year around with two suitcases so we have to think about what is easy to wash and dry, what doesn\’t weigh too much and what is comfortable to jump around in. We\’re like all girls and love a bit of dress up 🙂

You new single \’Ready For The Weekend\’ with R3hab and Ayah Marar just reached #1 on Beatport. Congratulations on that! How did it come about and was it produced over the internet?

We made the initial idea with R3hab in a hotel room together about 2 years ago. From there we went away and recorded Ayah and then finally we came back together to finish the club mix. Working via the Internet has become the norm for us since we all tour like we do. It\’s always a lot of fun working with R3hab. He\’s a great guy and is super talented as well!

On and off stage you have this great energetic rhythm together. Have you always been this connected?

Yeah, we\’re each other\’s biggest supporter. It\’s the best to be able to tour the world with your sister / best friend.

You must have some unique Dubplates in your collection. Can you unveil your favourite one to us?

Well, we have some cool ones of our own singles. One in particular that we love is the plate for \’You\’re Gonna Love Again\’ as we had an artist that we really love – Maya Wild, do the artwork. Some other Dubplates that will forever be cherished in our collection are: “All I do”, Stevie Wonder White Label, “Midas Touch EP” by Midnight Star, “Days Like This” (particularly the Spinna & Ticklah Club Mix) by Shaun Escoffery… ah there are so many. Don\’t get us started or we\’ll never stop!

Are you into any television shows at the moment?

Mim was OBSESSED with Suits. We both go through obsessions with TV box sets. It\’s a great way to unwind when you\’re touring and find yourself awake with jet lag

Is there anything you can unveil about the upcoming album? In what time period can we expect it?

We\’re in the process of picking the singles, so any moment now. We\’re hoping to release the first single before the end of the year so, hopefully around early November.