Being a car owner is a special thing for many people. If you don’t have a driver’s license, then there is one thing you need to understand. Car enthusiasts will never consider their car as vehicles that will transport them from one place to another. It has a more significant meaning for them. More precisely, they think of it is a member of the family.

There is always something that people would want to fix, improve, or change around their vehicles. In most cases, they do that because their car has a sentimental value for them. Yet, that may not be the only reason they want to improve their vehicle quality. There is always a quiet competition between drivers. They would do everything necessary to make their car look somehow unique and more vital.

Yet, we must not forget that lack of cash flow is a common problem around the globe. You can’t spend on your car more than you can afford. On the other hand, you can’t keep the part that is not working. Because of that, drivers are looking for the most effective and affordable solution. That means they would decide on purchasing used car parts and solve the issue in that way.

Fortunately for all drivers, they live in a world of advanced technology. Finding different car parts online is an option available to everyone who has a stable Wi-Fi connection. Yet, that doesn’t mean all car parts you can find online are going to feature quality. Some people have only one goal, and that is to take your money. Because of that, you need to educate yourself before deciding on that move. We prepared a list of ways to spot the low quality of fake used car parts. In that way, you will save your money and ensure the quality you are looking for. Let’s find out those steps together.

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1. Different Design from the Original Part

It doesn’t truly matter which model of the car you exactly have. Despite that, it also doesn’t matter how old the car part is. Let’s imagine that you purchased a BMW model back in 2010. However, one of the parts stopped working, and buying a new one would cost you a fortune. Because of that, you decided to purchase the same used model. Unfortunately, the model you purchased has a different design and colors compared to the original one. That means you bought a fake car part, and it is probably the most obvious sign you could find.

Because of that, you need to get familiar with the part that you are looking for. You do not have to be a genius to realize the difference of this type.

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2. Low Price

As we said, the lack of cash flow is one reason people decide on purchasing used car parts. Their price is lower compared to the original ones. Yet, that doesn’t mean you will manage to find it for free. These parts (if they are good) need to have a reasonable price. Because of that, if the price is too low, that should be a red flag for you.

You can’t determine the realistic price without proper research. There is one thing we would like to suggest to you here. Visit a couple of websites and check how much money you need to spend for the same price. The difference between them should not be huge. However, if you notice a car part is exceptionally cheap, be sure there is something wrong there. It may happen that the car part is not quality enough. On the other hand, it can happen that you will purchase a fake domain.

Anyway, the price should not be the factor you should follow. Focus more on other features that will help you make a better decision.

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3. The Seller Hides the Mileage of the Vehicle

The vehicle’s mileage says a lot about the quality of the car part you want to purchase. Unfortunately, if the mileage is significant, the price will go down. No one wants to spend money on a car part of a vehicle that passed hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Yet, many sellers will try to hide that from you. That is another thing that you should take care of. Always ask the seller about the mileage. Even if he lies, you will quickly notice that.

We would like to use a real-life example to make things clear. Let’s say that the buyer did not pass kilometers with his vehicle. However, the car part he is selling is relatively cheap. There is no reason for him to reduce the price if the car part’s quality is high.

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4. Serial Number

All car parts in today’s world have some sort of serial number. It doesn’t matter how old the car part you are purchasing is. However, that doesn’t mean it should not have a specific serial number. As we said, we do not know which car model you exactly have. However, if there is something wrong with the serial number, you can be sure something is wrong. You can become a scam if you do not check the serial number.

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5. Why Are Fake/Low-Quality Parts Dangerous?

Our goal is not to be negative here. We only want to inform you about all the consequences that fake or low-quality parts can bring to you. There are a couple of potential dangers we would like to highlight.

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6. Fake Parts May Cause Fire

As the subtitle says, fake parts can cause a fire when the electrical components fail. We are not going to talk about data related to car accidents in the world. You have probably heard many times that fake electrical components were the reason for most fires in vehicles. That is something you will probably want to avoid.

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7. Your Engine May Fail

Some of the critical parts of every vehicle are air filters, valves, drive belts, etc. If they are fake or low quality, it may happen that your engine will fail. Despite that, that issue can also lead to a fire.

Final Thought

As we said, you live in a world of advanced technology where you can purchase almost everything online. However, the most significant advantage can become the worst nightmare if you don’t know how to use it. Do not buy from every possible used car part supplier you can find online. Check their reputation and credibility before spending your money. If you hesitate to pick one company to collaborate with, we recommend you visit It is where you can find car parts models of almost every brand in the world.