Born out of a local suburban bar outside of Cleveland, SomeKindaWonderful is not your usual sunshine lovin\’ LA-based indie band. In fact, the vocalist of the trio Jordy Towers tried the whole musician-in-LA thing but refused to become another washed up solo artist. So, he headed back to the Midwest to re-examine his life and found it in two other guys he met at a bar, Matt Gibson and Ben Schigel, who were basically a band but needed a singer.
The rest, as they say, is history with the indie trio moving up not only on the alternative charts but also the indie-electro scene with several electronic musicians remixing the band\’s first single \”Reverse\”. With \”Reverse\” slowly becoming a hit with the indie-kids, its no wonder that indietronica band Passion Pit would turn the track from indie-alt gold to electro-grooviness with their signature vocal chops and funk. Check out the remix and the original out below but I must warn you- it is extremely catchy. Enjoy!