Building your own family house is a very logical and pragmatic solution, especially knowing that building a house gives you the opportunity to design the layout in the best way that will suit your family. And that for the same money you need to set aside, if you buy an apartment, you can make a twice as big house, in most of the countries at the moment. In addition, in a family house with comfort, landscaped garden, privacy, and flexibility of space, there is always the possibility of upgrading, which are all advantages that should not be overlooked.

Anyone planning to build a family house is probably thinking about whether to build a classic house, using brick and concrete or to embark on a much faster and often cheaper way of building, to go for half-timbered houses.  Of course, there is no universal answer to the question “What to build”, and in order to be informed in one place about the possibilities and types of construction, and all the advantages and disadvantages of half-timbered houses, this website should be your primary source of information.

As for all the benefits such a house may have over other types, read the rest of the article to find out.


1. Guardian of health

Half-timbered houses are of course partly made of wood. But do you know that wood is a natural material and that is why it is healthy to live in such an environment? The resin that remains in the soft parts of the logs has a positive effect on our airways and lungs.

2. Positive impact on the state of our mind

It has been found that the warm colors of natural wood have a positive effect on the state of our mind and thus calm us down and reduce stress. They encourage us to create situations for rest, friends and socializing.


3. No static electricity

The electrostatic properties of wood do not stimulate static electricity. More reason for timbered houses… That is why there is not so much dust in such houses. So, for people who suffer from allergies of some kind, it is extremely wise to live in a wooden home.

4. Balance the humidity level in the house

When the humidity in the house rises, the wooden surfaces absorb moisture. When the percentage of moisture drops and the air becomes dry, the wood releases the amount of moisture it has previously absorbed. Perfect natural balance. Unlike other types of houses, a wooden house has air that is always optimally humid.


5. Natural heat insulator

The wooden logs from which the house is made have the property of retaining high temperatures.

So wooden houses are cold in summer: Natural heat insulators make a wooden house life-friendly for all weather conditions.

6. Economically acceptable calculation

The economic reasons are more than clear. It is quite cheaper to build a wooden house than a classic brick building.


7. Weight

Due to the lower total weight, construction is also possible on softer terrain, such as areas around water or mountainous areas. Wood is up to 5 times lighter than concrete, but it has a high load-bearing capacity and can withstand both compressive and tensile forces. Therefore, wood is considered a flexible material.

8. Durability

The new method of treatment gives the wood better characteristics – high moisture resistance, resistance to fire, mold, fungi, and insects. With proper maintenance and use of quality materials, wooden houses can reach a really high age, from 90 to several hundred years.


9. Ready to move in immediately

Fast construction and moving in, which is possible in a month or two from the drafting, as long as the drying phase of the brick house lasts.

10. Earthquake Resistant and Clean construction

These houses can withstand earthquakes stronger than 11 degrees on the Mercalli scale.

Because the complete construction takes place in the production halls for the finished elements, which are installed on your land with minimal noise and dust, it is considered to be clean construction.


Some interesting facts about these houses…

Houses like these are often seen in countries like the Netherlands, and it’s used to describe the way these houses have been built since the old days. You wouldn’t notice them if you went to Amsterdam or have seen photos of this magical city. In the old days, it was the primary type of house that was built, because the material was cheap and easy to obtain. But do not get confused by the fact that it was cheap, because other reasons (the ones we’ve mentioned above) were involved in choosing to build this way.

The classic way of constructing them included a lot of clay, straw, and other natural materials, to insulate the house. They are easily recognized by the façade, on which the beam construction is visible. It became a signature style of construction in some countries like Switzerland and the already mentioned Netherlands.

One thing you may notice if you look closely at these houses is that they appear wider on the top. This is especially visible in German-style half-timbered houses. The reason behind them being wider is that people were not that rich in the past, and couldn’t afford to buy much land. In order to make the most of the space they have, they used to widen the upper floors.

Richer families wanted to state how much they differ from others and chose to decorate wooden beams, so the difference on the social ladder was visible to those passing by.

Final word

The biggest advantage of buying such a house is definitely the fact that it has this rustic, traditional look. Even if it’s not your main interest, you’d be surprised to know that buying such a house gives you an opportunity to sell it for quite a good price, as its value grows with its age. Also, you get to live in a traditional way, experiencing how people used to live in former times.