If you\’re having a bad day or just simply haven\’t heard the feel-good vibes of SMLE yet, heres your chance. Their long awaited EP \”Reasons To\” was released this week on SMLE\’s SoundCloud, and it is an euphoric, happy adventure. The duo is best known for their remixes of \”The Sweet Escape\”, \”Limelight\”, and \”Fireflies,\” but the fresh Producers moved onto music of their own on \”Reasons To\”.

SMLE dropped \”Every Chance You Get\” three months ago, and have since released their latest two singles: \”It\’ll Be Okay\” & \”With Me\” before the EP was finished. The whole EP is filled with non stop catchy future synths and bass wobbling rhythms. With melodic vocals from Hype Turner, Mary Ellen, and Helen Tess, every song is bound to give you the deepest happiness you can find in electronic music – and hopefully makes you smile.

Stream \”Reasons To\” below and tell us what you think of the EP!

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