Spontaneous moments like these make Skrillex an insanely special musician. After he hosted his Bonnaroo Superjam featuring just about everyone (apparently Zedd jammed out on the drums for some time) and touching nearly every genre music has to offer, Skrillex was not finished. He may have been satisfied with the spectacle that he literally conducted, but surely there was some more craziness needed to be quenched.

It was sheer luck that Amber Giles, known as Mija behind the decks, was about to play a soundtrack to the magical Roo sunrise; little did she know, Skrillex was lurking like a shark bonded to blood. The only difference: he was hungry to play some more music. Check it out!

After SUPERJAM a few of us went back to the tour bus to unload our gear. A little less then an hour later, Sonny drove up in a golf cart with a few friends and we set out on an adventure.

We were headed to the silent disco only to find that it had closed, but we felt bass thumping and followed the feels. We drove up to a Burning Man art car called “kalliope” with 1000 plus people dancing as the sun came up.

We made our way up to the dj booth where we met a girl named “Mija” who said she was about to start her set and asked if Sonny wanted to B2B. At 5:45 am they started playing and this is what happened 🙂

Available for free download thanks to Nest HQ, a branch of Skrillex\’s OWSLA label that pushes the culture of free art and experience, you can groove to Mija and Skrillex as they join forces and drop a House set nothing short of amazing. Maybe there was magic in the air, or maybe Mija will now receive the recognition she deserves for her smooth spinning.

Calling Skrillex a down-to-earth dude is an understatement as he continues to surprise us. I truly can\’t see many other \’superstar DJs\’ approach something like this the way he did; it wasn\’t about the money or the main stage, just about the love for music.

I\’m convinced that Skrillex views himself as a fan just as much, if not more than a world-wide known producer. I\’m also pretty damn jealous to say the least; shout out to everyone who stayed up to be part of the madness.

Download and check out the sunrise set here:

Photo courtesy of Nest HQ