Despite the continued backlash against his latest project, Simon Cowell\’s DJ competition show, tenatively titled \”Ultimate DJ\”, has been picked up to air on Yahoo Screen, Yahoo\’s online video streaming platform. Cowell, who previously produced both American Idol and the X-Factor, will reportedly be fitting the DJ show into a similar competition based format complete with the massive weekly vote grabs that have driven the outcomes of shows such as Idol, among others.

Cowell struck a deal with SFX Entertainment last year to help make the show a reality. As a massive music conglomerate SFX\’s access to both established, as well as up-and-coming talent and marketing resources made them the obvious choice. Meanwhile, Yahoo continues to delve into the live music niche of the online streaming market. They recently announced a partnership with Live Nation to air a concert a day also via the online platform.

There is no official premiere date for the show yet, but when it airs it is sure to create a buzz as one of the most widely controversial topics in dance music this year.

Source: Music Times