It\’s a remarkable phenomenon when subgenres of electronic music seamlessly blend, and our friend with the majestic mane Jeff Montalvo, better known as Seven Lions, is quite masterful in this particular craft.

Released through Anjunabeats, his most recent collaboration with Jason Ross, \”Higher Love\”, is an amalgamation of Seven Lions\’ bestial melodic dubstep and Jason Ross\’ inducing trance. Add the intoxicating vocals of Paul Meany on top, and we have another hit on our hands folks.

With an additional extended mix release as well, Higher Love will go further than impressing you, and dip your ears in fresh color.

Highlighting the staple styles of respective artists, don\’t be too surprised when this gem of a tune climbs up your list of favorite jams.

Upcoming Seven Lions Tour Dates:

Jan. 21 – Edmonton, Canada – World Waterpark
Jan. 25 – Tallahassee, FL – Coliseum
Jan. 26 – Orlando, FL – Gilt Nightclub
Jan. 27 – Tampa, FL – The RITZ Ybor
Jan. 28 – Miami, FL – Mana Wynwood