Ryan Farish brings us his 16th studio album “Wilderness” via his own own imprint RYTON Entertainment. The album debuted at#1 on the iTunes Electronic Charts when released and is now available for purchase and streaming across all platforms.  The frequent Top 10 Billboard charting talent has kept his audience anticipating the ultimate release of the 11-track arrangement since Ryan’s previewing of the album’s first 4 installments. ‘Child’‘Fragile’‘Letter from Home’ and the album’s title track ‘Wilderness’ gave listeners great insight into the foundation of the project, leaving fans on the edge of their seat to finish the journey through the balance of the album.

The album title ‘Wilderness’ originated from Farish’s entrancement with the serenity of the outdoors, “in many ways, the music of ‘Wilderness’ embodies what I feel has been the most intentional music I’ve ever created.”  The 11-tracks ignite a musical expedition that “follow no scene or trends” while vibrantly telling a story full of expression.

Farish’s album brings us on the melodic journey through the bright, comforting sounds of ‘Child’, the melancholy melodies of ‘Fragile’ and the whimsically transcending ‘Letter from Home’. The albums’ title track ‘Wilderness’ features a somber, soulful string arrangement highlighted by an ambient set of vocals that are all of Ryan’s own.

The tracks then take flight, soaring through adventurous, uplifting and inspiring installments of the record. ‘My Heart Beats For You’, ‘It’s a Light’, ‘Ebb and Flow’ and ‘Chantilly’ compose the climax of the Wilderness listening experience, characterized by invigorating melody, driving percussive elements and confident tones. ‘Morning’‘Rose’ and ‘Solitude’ round out the project, smoothly and comfortably delivering listeners back home through a wonderful waltz through Ryan Farish’s Wilderness.