Many trap beats are so magnificent that they don\’t require vocals to complete the track, but RL Grime collaborated with Canadian rap star Tory Lanez to show how perfectly trap can blend with rap on \”In For It\”.  With seductive singing from Tory Lanez and heavy beats from RL Grime, \”In For It\” shows how smoothly the two can mix.

Tory Lanez has an innovative rap style that combines his mad flow of hard hitting rhymes with the singing capabilities of the Weeknd to create an emotional, powerful track. The track is so special because it is able to fuse raps and beats of the highest quality to create an almost new genre.

RL Grime  teamed up with Tory Lanez in the past on his latest album on the track, \”I-95\”. This collaboration opens up a lot of avenues for electronic music to follow which could result in a lot more bangers like this. Check out \”In For It\” here.